Leaving London

by Garry Crystal

In a city where everyone’s trying to connect, it’s our fears that keep us apart.Leaving London-By Garry Crystal

An anti-romance story for the analyzation generation

It’s not like I didn’t have a life before she arrived. She didn’t magically appear and give my life meaning.” – Cal

Your problem is that you’re more like an empty book and you’re waiting on someone else to write your pages for you. For someone who doesn’t believe in fate, destiny and all that shit, you seem to spend an awful lot of time waiting for something to happen to you.” – Sofia

Temporary jobs, temporary friends and temporary relationships. Temporary can easily become a comfortable lifestyle if you stay in London too long.

After a recent break-up Cal finds himself living in a new country and a new city, trying his best to traverse the metropolis by having only the maximum fun with the minimum of effort. Unfortunately, the city has other plans. Mugged on Christmas Eve, daily office politics, a suicidal flat mate and a writing job for a less than responsible boss all conspire to add to his constant hangover. But it’s Sofia, a woman also going through a break-up and someone he just can’t work out, who makes the biggest impact on Cal’s year. It’s easy to find someone in city of eight million but trusting someone, that’s a different matter.

Drink, drugs, sex, love, hate, loneliness, game-playing relationships, an escape to New York, dreams and the daily grind – just another day in the city. Leaving London takes place within one year. A year when two people who are doing their best to protect themselves may ultimately have to let down their guards.

This is an anti-romance story for the analyzation generation. A humorous, gritty and sometimes very dark look at life in a city where a year can be a life-changing experience. This isn’t the saccharine sweet London of the film Notting Hill and there are no manic dream pixies in this book. This, is a cautionary tale.


Garry Crystal is a freelance writer living in Scotland, UK.

His short stories and articles have appeared in print and online including Expats Post, The Andirondack Review, Turnrow Journal, Roadside Fiction and Orato.

His first novel Leaving London is available on Amazon. His first collection of short stories All of Us With Our Pointless Worries and Inconsequential Dramas is available now on Amazon.

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