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Making the Invisible, Visible: Radiation Fallout

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I want to take a closer look at the nuclear crisis in Japan, that has been going on, since last spring.  At Fukushima Dai-ichi, there are six nuclear reactors and all of them have been in meltdown mode for the past year.

Looking at these issues involves “getting real.”  This comes with the realization that radiation may be invisible, but that high levels of it have been contaminating our air, water, soil, produce, milk and dairy products, for many months — with high concentrations of radioactive particles in the S.F. Bay Area, west coast (high radioactive cesium in produce), in Florida (high radioactive iodine levels), Massachusetts, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.

Because radionuclides are invisible and do not appear to us in the form of red clouds or black tap water, it is easy for some to ignore what is happening, with regard to the daily, ongoing degradation of our environment (worldwide).

Radiation fallout causes cancer —  however, it may take years to develop (  According to Dr. Helen Caldicott and other experts, there will be millions of new cases of cancer in the coming years.

Radiation clouds from Japan have been traveling across the U.S. and around the globe for about a year.  But since they are invisible, it is easy for folks not to think about it, if we choose not to.  Five to ten thousand tons of radioactive wastes were released from Japan for days in to our oceans last summer.  There were over 100K tons remaining at the Fukushima plant last year.  Predictions were that there will be over 1/4 million tons of radioactive materials in our oceans by last December, 2011.  As of this writing, more radioactive wastes have leaked into the oceans from those plants, in recent months.

Radiation is invisible, but it is in our ecosystem.  I want cleaner air and water for the world’s children and humankind to enjoy.  (A good friend of mine from Oakland, sent me this reference on denial: “The Politics of Denial,” by Michael Milburn and Sheree Conrad.  It is out-of-print, but the text is available online).

If you care about this planet, please contact your congresspersons. Google:  Congressional Voting Record, 111th Congress, 2010 to see how they have voted on green and nuclear issues and ask for their help to stop the production of new nuclear plants.  It is dirty, extremely expensive and not safe.

I would like the radiation fallout from Japan to stop coming to the USA and traversing around the world!  The suffering for the people of Japan is immense.  Thousands of Japanese citizens want to close down the Fukushima nuclear power plant and other plants there — for the sake of the world’s children.

We can sit and do nothing as the ecosystem collapses around us — or we can contact our congresspeople and educate others.  This is one of the most important global, green issues facing the world today.

 Please write today to:  

President Obama, c/o White House, 1600
Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC, 20500 or call 202.456.1111.

I am hoping that many folks will be moved to write or call President Obama and Congress.  Your letters or calls could make all the difference in the world.  Please ask him not to build anymore new nuclear power plants.  The children of the world will thank you.

For more information:

“The Politics of Denial,” by Michael Milburn and Sheree Conrad

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RISHA is a freelance writer, visual artist (abstract painter), fiber artist, diversity consultant and educator. She is an Asian American Buddhist and a native of the USA. Her family has lived in America, since the 1800's. Risha has been a writer, educator and an author for decades. She has published a sociology and ethnic studies text (race and gender issues) with an academic press. She has also published many articles, along with some of her poems and paintings in art & literary journals ----- including "Asian Week", "Body Images" (Tufts University, Women's Center), "Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism," "The Asian American Encyclopedia", and other venues. Risha is a member of a few global, online art organizations and humanitarian groups; adviser on diversity issues and board member.
  • Cher Duncombe

    This is such a crucial issue, Risha. Thank you for raising awareness.

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  • Risha

    You’re welcome, Cher. Thanks for the feedback.

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  • Risha

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  • As far as I’m concerned, this is the greatest cover-up the world has ever seen. I’m not going to commit to public comment the dire predictions my mind is conjuring. Let’s just say that I think the greatest tragedy of all is that we cannot LEARN from what is hidden from the populations of the world. And so the people of the world will continue to suffer and have their governments allow destruction of the common good and the public health, and of the health of our planet.

    If one needs info on this and other critical issues, you can go to the Natural Resources Defense Council site or to the Union of Concerned Scientists site, just to name two reputable resources.

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  • Risha

    Lynda --
    Thanks for sharing your comments with us.

    I enjoyed viewing the beautiful photos on the website that came with your reply.

    Yes, some other informative websites are given in my article, as well. There have been many people working on these issues for decades, including Harvey Wasserman (Solartopia), Helen Caldicott, Joanna Macy, Arnie Gundersen (fairewinds), MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy -- including Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, Keb Mo, Jackson Brown), and others.

    The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster was much worse than Chernobyl -- it should be a major wake-up call for the world to switch to renewable energy sources, which are safer, cleaner and much cheaper than nuclear energy. Germany, Italy and Switzerland are doing so.

    Best wishes.

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