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Huck No!


“Women I know are outraged that Democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures whose only goal in life is to have a government provide for them birth control medication.” I know many women of various ages and I know many Democrats of varying ages, both sexes, and all races. I do not know a single Democrat of any variety who thinks [1] women are helpless and hopeless creatures; [2] women’s only goal in live is government provided birth control medication. This assertion at the beginning his diatribe before the Republican National Committee makes everything else he went on to say suspect.

Huck-up asserts that the women he knows are “smart, educated, intelligent,” and “capable of doing anything anyone else can do.” If this is true, one wonders why these people would have anything to do with Huck-up. He further asserts: “Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women.” Perhaps Huck-up gets this contention from the 2012 GOP Platform which states: “We are the party of the Constitution, the solemn compact which confirms our God-given individual rights.” Unfortunately, “the party of the Constitution” neglects to mention that the word God never appears in the Constitution; nor is there any reference to the divine or any supernatural factors whatsoever. The Declaration of Independence does use the word Creator, but it was written by Thomas Jefferson. Do Republicans seriously propose that Jefferson would not have said God if he meant what is commonly meant by the term? Jefferson was a Deist and is likely that he did not intend Creator to be a synonym for God as used by Huck-up and others. Thus, the “party of the Constitution” begins by deliberately misrepresenting the Constitution. This does not inspire confidence.

The confusion rampant in the “party of the Constitution” is further illustrated by two items in the 2012 Platform. First, “We affirm that all legislation, rules, and regulations must conform and public servants must adhere to the U.S. Constitution, as originally intended by the Framers.” However, the Platform previously lauded Balanced Budget amendments and called for an amendment “requiring a super-majority for any tax increase.” Neither of these measures have any connection to the Constitution “as originally intended by the Framers.” These inconsistencies and fabrications are not mistakes. They are unintended disclosures that the Republican Party neither understands nor adheres to the Constitution. Huck-up’s assurances that the GOP stands the recognition of the equality and capacity of women are of the same order and they derive from the same source: rhetoric used to deceive rather than inform.

Huck-up asserts that Democrats are making women believe “they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.” This is simply preposterous! No Democrat believes what Huck-up asserts, and no Democrat is making any effort to cause women to think “they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.” Democrats believe [1] women are perfectly capable of making decisions regarding their reproductive lives; [2] women deserve coverage for contraceptive medicines in applicable health insurance plans; [3] government should butt out of such personal decisions and treat males and females the same where matters of libido and reproduction are concerned.

Huck-up asserts Democrats think women need Uncle Sugar to provide their monthly birth control. First of all, Uncle Sugar is a derogatory term reactionaries like Huck-up use to refer to the federal government; no Democrat uses or thinks in such terms. Second, the ACA does not provide for government payment for birth control; it simply mandates that health insurance coverage include the full range of FDA-approved prescription contraceptive methods such as oral contraception (the Pill), the shot (Depo-Provera), the ring (Nuvaring), contraceptive implants, diaphragms, cervical caps and permanent contraceptive methods, like tubal ligation, without paying a co-payment or having the costs applied to her deductible. This new rule under the ACA means that birth control, along with the other preventive services, will be fully covered by insurance plans. Plans will not be able to charge extra payments for these services, such as co-payments or deductibles. Now, the cost of birth control is fully covered by the monthly premium consumers already pay, without any extra payments. In no case, is the government paying for or providing contraception medications or services. The ACA simply changed the previous inadequate regulations so that women can get preventative medicine without having to pay extra simply because they are the only humans exposed to the risk of unintended pregnancy.

As patently absurd as he is on virtually everything he said on 23 January 2014, Huck-up was completely correct about one thing: “women across America have to stand up and say, enough of that nonsense.” Remember “that GOP legislatures in numerous states” are “aggressively trying to regulate the female body, as though it were some sort of dangerous alien species invading the workplace that ought to be carefully controlled.” Remember that Huck-up fears women may not be able to control their libido or their reproductive system. It is time for every woman with a shred of self-respect to stand up and say, “Enough of that nonsense.” And to every man who claims to love any woman, it is time to acknowledge this truth told by Gandhi: “Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex.” We need to join our sisters and say at full volume: “Enough of that nonsense.” Then, hand in hand, women and men need to go to the polling places in the fall of 2014 and send the Republicans to the obscurity they so richly deserve.

For more than three decades, Republicans have cynically and skillfully manipulated a segment of the American citizenry. They have used wedge issues to divide Americans and political maneuvering and trickery to rig elections. They have sought to rule rather than govern and they have wrapped themselves in the Flag and treated the Constitution as a talisman. At long last, the paucity of their philosophy and their proposals is being exposed. Republicans are intellectually bankrupt; they are morally anesthetized; they have been telling lies so long, they may now believe they are true. They have already hung around too long; we’ve got better things to do. It is time to tell them to Huck off!

If there is any doubt that Republicans need to be turned out of office, remember – Huck-up was attacking contraceptive access, not abortion rights. While purporting to champion the equality of women, he disparaged something essential to its realization. “Reproductive freedom is critical to a whole range of issues. If we can’t take charge of this most personal aspect of our lives, we can’t take care of anything. It should not be seen as a privilege or as a benefit, but a fundamental human right.” Women must be encouraged, enabled, and empowered to take charge of this most personal aspect of their lives. The ACA is a start; don’t let Huck-up and his fellow reactionaries turn back the clock.

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6 Comments on "Huck No!"

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  1. avatar Dani Heart says:

    Well said Larry. :)

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  2. Excellent article, Larry, on all the issues of “Huck up.” I love that term for him too! When he talks about government as “Uncle Sugar” I also take that as him believing women want a Sugar Daddy. In reality that is as far from truth as east is to west. With Christie in such a quagmire, I wonder what Huck Up’s chances are for a nomination? He is great fodder for humor, but nothing more.

    Thanks for being on this newsworthy headline so quickly. We can always count on you for perceptive analysis.

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    • avatar Larry Conley says:


      You are right about the Sugar Daddy vibe. It fits perfectly with his smug, condescending remarks. You are also right about women not wanting that -- I think women want men who are sweet -- at least on them -- but most women in my experience want friends, partners, lovers, allies -- not caretakers.

      I was so angry about Huck Up’s comments I got up at 4:30 a m on Friday morning. His derision was simply too much; his distortion was simply too blatant!

      We need to expose these scoundrels and let them fry in the light of truth.

      As ever,


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  3. You exposed the truth in Huck-Up. If the Republican party would just give up and fade away. What a brilliant article. The condescension of Huck-up is infuriating. It is great to see a man with your sensitivities express such powerful support of women, their inalienable rights, the necessary equality of all. I don’t need nor want a Sugar Daddy. You are correct in saying this is an insult to all women. Having our insurance cover the necessary costs related to women and reproductive medical treatments, just as men have been afforded, is only a fairness in equality.

    Thank you Larry for your heightened perceptions and being so fired up, to give up sleep to put forth this exceptional piece in support of women and calling for the demise of the Republicans. I am in full support of what you express. Cheers, my good man and friend.

    Jennifer :-)

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  4. The Title should be “Huck No” and he can Huck Off!!! ;-) JkM

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