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Guns, Violence And Death Vs. The Pursuit Of Life

The end of the world did not come as the Mayans predicted. But maybe the world is being chiseled away at slowly by greed and a self-centered me first attitudes. That illness has been a plague on the earth since a man fist invented fire; I assume it was a man. Maybe even before the invention of fire, but the invention of fire certainly escalated things over the Stone Age. We went from throwing rocks at each other to flaming arrows, and the rest is an escalating sad history of the planet.

We now have weapons that can set an entire city if not a country a flame.

When America first dropped the atomic bomb the rest of the world wanted one. And we try to stop the insane countries we fear from having a better weapon or even a weapon at all. The other option is of course to be better armed than the next country. If we can out shoot you, you will not shoot at us. Well, to hell with that theory, we still fear other countries attacking us.

With the tragedies of children dying in our schools and people using guns to seek revenge not just on people but on society, the sadness is truly overwhelming. The anger building and our answer once again is to be armed with the death stock pile of assault weapons, and we will be safe. That’s bull; we saw how well that works after world war two, the Korean War, Vietnam, and all the wars that have been fought only in that last twenty years or so. Being armed has never stopped violence, only helped to propagate it.

Now we want armed guards in our schools, some say police, some say military. I remember as a very young boy seeing tanks roll through the streets of Little Rock Arkansas during the civil rights movement of the 1950s. That image has haunted me for my life. Now we want to ingrain such images even deeper into the minds of our young people.

Freedom Riders Bus in flames Freedom Riders Bus in flames

Imagine going to school and being watched over by an armed Marine or Army or any military or policeman there to guard you. Can you imagine the fear that would create, so great that a young child would possibly grow up to say, I guess I need a gun. That way, I can kill you before you kill me, or maybe we will both just kill each other.


What about hunters? I think no hunter needs an assault weapon unless they want to bring home chopped meat. In Vietnam, more cows were turned to hamburger because the army was taught to fire if it moved. At least, that was true survival. The country had sent you there in an unjust, unnecessary war, and the instinct for survival took over. You may not have wanted to be there, but you sure as hell wanted to get out. We are animals after all, and we want to live. If a man or woman shoots an animal it’s called sport if an animal attacks a human its call ferocity. So if you want to hunt or must hunt I suggest a bow and arrow, it worked for thousands of years for Native Americans.

Part of my youth was spent on a farm in Tennessee. I learned to shoot a bow and arrow and became very good at it, in fact, I still am. I also learned to shoot a 22 and was very good at it, and in fact, I still am. I also learned to fire a riffle; formerly, rifles only fired a single projectile with each squeeze of the trigger. Modern rifles are capable of firing more than one round per trigger squeeze; I am still a good shot. And with practice, I’m sure I could still bring home an excellent meal without pulverizing it. And if I could not, I deserve to be hungry or learn to eat what the earth provides from the ground. I have never shot at a living thing.


Here is a brief history of another way to kill each other and our futile attempts to protect ourselves.history


Chemical warfare technology timeline






Mustard gas

Wind dispersal

Gas masks, urinated-on gauze




Chemical shells

Gas mask
Rosin oil clothing

smell of geraniums


Projectiles w/ central bursters

CC-2 clothing


G-series nerve agents

Aircraft bombs

Blister agent detectors
Color change paper


Missile warheads
Spray tanks

Protective ointment (mustard)
Collective protection
Gas mask w/ Whetlerite



V-series nerve agents


Gas mask w/ water supply

Nerve gas alarm



Binary munitions

Improved gas masks
(protection, fit, comfort)

Laser detection


Novichok nerve agents


Now one of the biggest selling Christmas presents is bullet proof back packs for children. Why don’t we just dress them if bullet-proof cloths?

There are thousands of quotes on violence and nonviolence; here are two of my favorites. “Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man but you refuse to hate him. Martin Luther King Jr.”

“Heroism on command, senseless violence and all the loathsome non sense that goes by the name of Patriotism –how passionately I hate them”

Albert Einstein


What you have read, I hope you have read, is not any great words of wisdom. I doubt I have said anything that you could not have said yourself and maybe better. But I tried, at least I tried.

As Vaclav Havel who died December 18th 2011 said

“I really do inhabit a system in which words are capable of shaking the entire structure of government, where words can prove mightier than ten military divisions. “

Vaclav Havel


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  • Kids with bullet proof back packs, truly sad, where and when is it going to end? Well said Dan.

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    • And to think, it wasn’t over all, that long ago I was being scared to death just ducking and covering in 50’s. We sure have come a long sad way. Another 50 years at this pace and kids will start combat training at 10, or younger.:-(

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  • Good words Dan. As Martin said, “Either we learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.”

    All of us bear a responsibility to speak out against the madness and take action to make this world a saner and safer place.


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  • A sad but true article. Words to make people think. Well done. 🙂

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