David Cameron’s Christian Message this Easter – Loud and Clear

David-Cameron-Sama_2574780b“You don’t need to be a Christian to know the difference between right and wrong.”

The above line popped into my head last night after reading yet another article on politics.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron was bleating on about how he was ‘evangelical about his faith’ in yet another desperate bid to hang onto what little popularity he has left by appealing to the Christians out there. The ‘i’m a believer, so are you, we’re the same, vote for me in the next election’ has been used by numerous politicians in the past and Cameron also made sure to nod towards the fact that his main opponent in the next election is an atheist.

Cameron claims to be a Christian, meaning he follows the teachings of Christ, but his continual demonizing and crushing of the poor, sick and disabled in the UK are in no way consistent with his Christian claims.

As Cameron suns himself on the beaches of Spain, the UK, which boasts the sixth richest economy in the world, is now in the midst of a hunger crisis due to this government’s welfare cuts. A third of the one million food parcels handed out by the food bank network The Trussell Trust went directly to hungry children. That is the figure for only one of the many charities and organizations across the UK handing out food to hungry adults and children. But this Easter, while many people in the UK starve and can’t afford to heat their homes due to the extortionate energy prices, Cameron simply stuffs his face with more paella while relaxing in the beautiful 71F sunshine.

While preaching to the public Cameron claimed that, “People who advocate some sort of secular neutrality fail to grasp the consequences of that neutrality, or the role that faith can play in helping people to have a moral code” yet Cameron’s moral code has led to welfare cuts that have led to the tripling of food banks in the UK.

The UK Prime Minister is trying to appeal to Christian voters out there but it’s his actions that should determine whether or not people vote for him in next year’s election. True Christians should look at the starving children in the UK, a situation that has been created under Cameron’s government and recognize that this man has no moral code whatsoever.

If you were the leader of a country in crisis would you simply take off for sunnier climes (making sure of course that some nice holiday snapshots were arrange for the press) or would you be undertaking the action that needs to be taken to ensure that children aren’t starving under your watch.

Ask yourself David, what would Jesus do?

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About the Author:

Garry Crystal is a freelance writer living in the UK. His short stories and articles have appeared in print and online including Expats Post, The Andirondack Review, Turnrow Journal, Roadside Fiction and Orato. His first book Leaving London is available on Amazon and other retailers now. View My Profile

  • Melody Haislip

    Garry, it sounds as though David Cameron would fit in nicely in the U.S. with the Republicans and ultra Conservatives, all of whom ‘bleat’ loudly about their Christianity. Unfortunately they are doing a lousy job of “Feed(ing) my lambs”, as directed by Christ. I cannot understand how these monsters of selfishness can look at themselves in the mirror, knowing that there are little children going hungry while they live the good life. I guess they don’t see what we do. Thank you for holding up the mirror.

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    • Garry Crystal

      The Tories don’t give a crap about ordinary
      people (ordinary to them means not rich and not likely to vote for them)
      and they only got into power with 30% of the votes and will do nothing to make life easier for the 70% who didn’t vote for them. What this
      government is doing to the poor, sick and disabled is disgusting,
      literally killing them. Every day you read of some new regulation to
      take more away from those who can least afford it. It’s organized crime
      by the politicians and the corporations, sickening stuff. Shocking excuse for a leader of a country. He represents the rich and no one else, and I hope the rest of the world sees what a complete crook this guy is.

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      • Melody Haislip

        Garry, this is very disturbing. I thought the U.S. was the only country using Christianity as a weapon against its people. As I recall, this didn’t work out too well for half a million Cathars a few centuries ago!

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