The Potty Train Heads South

Ew. No! That’s NOT what I meant. Get your minds out of the …eeeew. *shudder*

What I meant was that we live in the South whether we like it or not. (We don’t.) Being here affects all aspects of life and I’ve recently learned it also affects potty training. How? you might ask. It’s not that we’re closer to the equator and the sun is in the sky longer so that The Toddler has more opportunity to “go” and can stay dry at night.

It’s not that it’s so warm I can successfully let The Toddler roam the countryside naked until she gets the hang of things. (Which, btw, does not work indoors. I’ve had people say their mom or they themselves have just let >enter child’s name here< run around naked and POOF! they were potty trained before the cows came home. At my house naked toddlers mean unwanted warm puddles of despair all over my upholstery, carpeting, bedding, self. Which leads to massive hours of laundry and bouts of self-loathing for me. *sigh*)

Heck, it doesn’t even mean she wakes up when the rooster crows (my neighbor has a rooster, y’all) and runs to the potty whenever he screams…which is frequently.

All day long.

Not just to welcome the day.


No. I’ve realized that we’ve hit a snag in our training because of Huggies Pull-Ups. They snuck in a new sort of Pull-Up. They have something called Cool Alert which “gives a cool feeling within seconds of getting wet.” It’s been 105 degrees here for a while. The Toddler is the only one of us who has not gotten heat stroke, who enjoys driving in the car and playing (briefly) outdoors. Why? Thanks to Huggies, when she pees in her pull-ups it’s like a built in air conditioner! We had to go somewhere and I don’t even remember where now, but we were all red-cheeked and sweaty. I kept checking The Toddler and asking her if she needed a drink. She was cool as a cucumber and kept turning me down and even went so far as to offer suggestions of what we could do next. The adults? Wanted. To. Die.

So, at the moment, Pull-Ups aren’t helping us along in our potty training adventures. They’ve done the opposite: The Toddler has no interest now in using the big potty and the adults are on diets hoping to squeeze into the largest size Pull-Ups we can find.


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  • I am so glad those days are so far behind me I can’t even tell you. lol I used a reward system that worked pretty well. Tootsie rolls… as I recall. Every time he went on the big potty he got a tootsie roll. I too used those Huggies pull-ups but they didn’t have the feature you mentioned back then. My heart goes out to you. Hopefully everything will just click soon. 🙂

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    • I’m hoping it clicks. Thanks to the new commercials about “potty breaks” we’ve been (mostly) able to get her to at least sit on the potty at regular intervals. Left to her own devices though, she wouldn’t even think of using the big potty. I’m trying to remain calm. No one walks down the aisle in Pull-Ups. *sigh*

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  • Joni

    YOU ARE KILLING ME. I laughed so hard my stomach hurts and tears are streaming down my face. I’m wondering if those pull-ups will cool my face if I pat it with one while crying? Just a thought. Enjoy those potty training days!

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    • I’ll send you one of Abby’s used ones and you can use it as a neck wrap when you lie down for a nap, ok? 😛

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