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Potty Train Epilogue

This is the last time I am going to write about the Potty Train, at least in regards to The Toddler. Why? Because we started this process shortly after her second birthday and now that she is four years and four months old I am sick of talking about/thinking about and dealing with it.

Two years.


The Toddler is mostly more or less potty trained. She is dry all day and usually all night, however I have Pull-Ups on hand for night and for days she’s doing The Smelly because she still doesn’t like to do that in the potty. I don’t know why. Frankly, she’s happy and smart and is doing everything else we expect of her and some things we don’t think she can do so I’m going to just stop thinking about it.

One day I hope to look around and tell myself, ‘You know what? She’s going potty all the time and hasn’t worn Pull-Ups in months now.’ Then I’ll quietly walk to the kitchen, pull out my chocolate and liquor stash and celebrate. (Kidding.)

For right now, I can live with this and I keep telling myself SOMEDAY she’ll be potty trained. SOMEDAY it won’t be an issue. Everybody gets the hang of it sooner or later and if it isn’t sooner then her husband can worry about it for a while. I’m finished.

So, for those of you who are trying to train your youngsters and are getting frustrated or wondering what you’re doing wrong….

All I can tell you is your child will get it when they get it. I can also tell you The Toddler isn’t as old as her brother was when he finally started using the potty. (He waited til his little brother caught up and they did it together.)

(Also, I can’t recommend having a baby just to potty train the child you have, ‘cause the madness has to stop somewhere.  LOL)

Hang in there. Most of us don’t get married in diapers. It’ll happen.

*raises glass or wine*


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