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The Test We Must Pass


[Adapted from The Guy in the Glass by Dale Wimbrow to emphasize the civic duty and historic consequences of voting.]


Before we vote how we want in our struggle to choose,
And feel like kingmakers for a day,
We should sit in our homes and think on old truths,
And ponder what they seem to say.

For it isn’t another, a poll, or the partisan strife,
That a verdict on our votes must pass.
The judgment that counts the most in our civic lives
Is the one history will ultimately cast!

America’s foundational precepts are clear and concise.
They’ve transcended both trouble and time,
The ongoing flow of events will tell the tale in the end,
And our choice will pass its most dangerous and difficult test
If with hindsight, we’d do it again.

We may rejoice at the outcome and beat on a drum,
And think we’re both fortunate and sly,
But if history shows we’ve elected a vile and venomous scum
Then, we’ll struggle to tell our children why.

We can revel and laugh in the ensuing years,
And argue that any problems won’t last,
But our final reward will be misery and tears
If we betray the great truths of America’s past.

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