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#metoo Is Out of Control


“If she is innocent! Why do you never wonder if Parris be innocent, or Abigail? Is the accuser always holy now? Were they born this morning as clean as God’s fingers? I’ll tell you what’s walking . . . vengeance is walking . . . We are what we always were . . . the little crazy children . . . jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law!”? – Arthur Miller, The Crucible

I think #metoo is getting out of control. They are becoming more like the young girls in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. All men are not abusers & to be accused when it was just a bad date with misunderstandings is not in the same game as Harvey Weinstein . Kevin Spacey . and a list of others. Also, to believe someone when they say they have been abused and no evidence proves this fact. Doctors find the accuser not credible. Well, we need to listen. Not everybody is truthful or remembers the past the way it happened. Instead they only remember the lies their parent told them until they believed them & became convinced the lies were truth when in fact nothing ever happened.

What does that do for the real people who have been abused and their stories are the truth. Who will believe them if there are those who lie about being abused. It puts us all in the position of not being believed. #metoo is a dangerous group growing out of proportion to what it meant in its beginning. It now is trying to destroy anyone’s life by false accusers who seek 15 minutes of fame. They are given attention though nothing has happened. No assault . just bad judgment about what they wanted. Bad dates don’t belong in #metoo. They’re just bad dates & I am not talking about someone who was assaulted. I am talking about those who the morning after wished they hadn’t slept with whomever they engaged with in sex. The morning after is sometimes not great for anyone. It happens but it doesn’t belong with those who have been truly assaulted and sexually abused.

I am particularly disturbed by many women who chose to believe someone who was brainwashed by their parent when they were a child. The supposedly abused keeps telling her story word for word. She does an interview on tv. Her tears appear beyond a doubt to be fake. Her eye contact was all wrong for someone who has been abused. They don’t look straight into someone’s eyes while telling about the supposed abuse. Someone who has such a reaction is telling a lie. Also, when someone has been abused . in this situation would look to the floor or at their hands or any other place where they try to hide their shame. One does not make continual eye contact. It just does not fit the panorama of someone who truly has been abused. It does however fit the profile of someone who was made to believe they were abused when they were not. Whether this person still believes her story . I cannot say . but I will say I believe they might just know they were not abused but the story is out there so they must maintain the lie. Also, they get attention in trying to destroy their supposed abuser. For what reason . to please the one who created the lie in the first place. Shame on anyone who would use a child for their own means of revenge. The truth is out there. Some of us do not believe a word of the liar and poser.

With the exception of #metoo and the others who reject the truth and turn one by one against the truth. They don’t know it so they only believe the lie. I feel disgusted with those who make no effort to seek out the complete truth. Instead they have their cause and to them that is much more important. Destroying people’s lives in their wake. How disgusting is this. The poison has been spilled and those who spilled it will kill with it because they feel they have the power to do anything.

Lies are the destroyer of truth. Lies are the destroyers of innocent people. When lies only force is for that of revenge . it becomes more dangerous. When it cannot be stopped by truth we are all lost. – j.k

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