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Frenzy, Females and Freedom of Expression – Part 2 of 3


Part 2 of 3 – Females

The champions of Enlightenment ideals have a multifaceted challenge. First, they must recommit to these ideals and resume working for their implementation to the benefit of every member of society. Second, they must dispute and refute all propaganda put forth against Enlightenment ideals or in favor the sophistry and superstition that are harbingers of the new Dark Age. Third, they must detect and deter attacks. Fourth, they must unite and unify their efforts to win both intellectually and politically the struggle for the survival and success of civilization. Finally, they must defeat on the battlefield all the Dark Age armies rampaging throughout the world.

These five tasks are not done sequentially; they must be accomplished simultaneously. Affirmative action in the truest and best sense of the term must be taken to integrate the excluded and uplift the downtrodden in France, America, England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as well as elsewhere. This means institutionalized inequities among genders; races; creeds, classes, or sexual orientations must be detected and corrected. Liberty, Equality, and Unity cannot be advanced when any are oppressed, stigmatized, or marginalized. This means first and foremost misogyny must be confronted and confounded in all its forms and all its lairs.

The persistence and pervasiveness of misogyny is a true scar on contemporary civilization. While the Enlightenment did push it back considerably, compared to what it had been, across religions, nationalities, races, and political systems, misogyny seethes as a divisive force around the globe. The rationalism and liberalism which flourished in and after the Enlightenment assailed misogyny but did not destroy it. Prior to the rise of rationalism, misogyny was largely taken for granted as the divinely ordained nature of society in both Christendom and the Islamic world. Now we often characterize such religions and the societies they produce as patriarchal. The evil ideology is described as Patriarchy.

This evil ideology is deeply rooted in Western culture and these roots were not pulled out by the Enlightenment. The Bible has been around for a couple thousand years and the contents as we now know it were reached through anything but rational, academic study and debate. At its very opening, the Bible makes it clear that God the Father is male. Genesis does not stipulate whether God the Father actually has a penis, but many concepts and passages make it clear he is often a prick. This is obvious where God blames his creatures for something they did when an all-knowing, all-powerful deity could surely have known events would unfold as they did and clearly chose to allow them to do so. So God lays a trap; snares his prey and then throws a fit because things happened as he must have known they would.

Consider: Adam is created by God “from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” That is, Adam was created from readily available materials more or less magically, but Adam was wholly original equipment rather than spare parts. Eve to the contrary was created when “God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” Prior to fashioning a wo-man [for she was taken out of man] from Adam’s rib God purportedly thought or said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” So the Bible definitely sets up males as primary and females as secondary. The Bible also completely misrepresents the natural course. Women do not come out of men; males and females both come out of women!

The male God had Adam, the male human, name “all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals.” Later, Adam “named his wife Eve.” In relation to Adam, therefore, Eve had the same status as livestock.

On the basis of this sorry sequence of events, [1] people become ashamed of nakedness, [2] original sin – imposes a” guilt that we all possess in God’s eyes as a direct result of Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden.” The doctrine of original sin focuses particularly on its effects on our nature and our standing before God, even before we are old enough to commit conscious sin.” Therefore, every human being who will ever live is guilty of a deed that condemns them to eternal torment before they even exist! If this is not the attitude of a censorious prick, one would be hard pressed to describe what is or ever could be! At the core of Western culture is the contention that” “Sin is inherent in human nature, and Adam is the cause of universal sin.” One must ask: “Why is the deity behind this still given even the slightest credit for being perfect and benevolent?”


Followers of Islam also believe humans are sinful descendants of Adam and Eve. Allah, however, is not the trickster described in Genesis. “That both good and evil are from Allah is clearly stated in the Qur’an al-karim and hadith-i sharifs.” Thus, the deity of Islam owns up to the evil in the world and does not attempt to blame the creatures of its own efforts. This is no more founded on evidence, but it is much more candid. For both Islam and Christianity, however, though they approach it somewhat differently, agree “a woman is worth about half as much as a man.” The sages of both major monotheisms as reflected in the purportedly divinely inspired scriptures concur: women are worth half as valuable men.

Furthermore, the tale has been twisted such that though Eve was hoodwinked to sin; “Eve seduced Adam. And as the sin of Eve would not have brought death to our soul and body unless the sin had afterwards passed on to Adam, to which he was tempted by Eve, not by the devil, therefore she is more bitter than death.” Through this biased elaboration the church began actively condemning Eve as the seductive ancestress of all witches. At the same artists, began, depicting her as a temptress, with a distinctly sexual appeal. Humankind’s origin story sticks shame at nudity; sex as evil, women as inferior, and the deity as an irresponsible trickster directly into the heart of what would become the world’s dominant culture. Thus, every human is depraved, every human female is smeared and female sexuality and sensuality are declared radioactive long before radioactivity is known or understood. These deep seated and noxious ideas have contaminated Western culture ever since.

A pseudegraphic work from the second century B.C.E .the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, however, goes one step further and finishes off females as equal and good for centuries.

Each of these 12 texts, attributed to Jacob’s 12 sons, is styled after Jacob’s deathbed speech in Genesis 49. The Testaments of Judah, Dan and Benjamin include warnings against sexual promiscuity. In the Testament of Reuben, the eldest son of Jacob and Leah offers his own sons some “fatherly” advice regarding women:

Women are evil, my children, and by reason of their lacking authority or power over man, they scheme treacherously how they might entice him to themselves by means of their looks. And whomever they cannot enchant by their appearance they conquer by a stratagem. Indeed, the angel of the Lord told me and instructed me that women are more easily overcome by the spirit of promiscuity than are men. They contrive in their hearts against men, then by decking themselves out they lead men’s mind astray, by a look they implant their poison, and finally in the act itself they take them captive. For a woman is not able to coerce a man overtly, but by a harlot’s manner she accomplishes her villainy.”

With this perspective there is no question who is the intriguer and the malefactor. Women, wicked women, they lead men’s minds astray, implant the poison of sexual pleasure, and take men captive. They act like harlots and accomplish villainy. The Testament of Reuben is the literal version of a misogynist’s wet dream!

Of course all of this and every similar idea ever expressed is nothing but a mile high pile of bovine feces. The entire premise is incorrect so no conclusions can be sound. Females are in many respects the fair sex, not only in appearance, but also in mindset. Beauty whether in human, specifically female form, or landscapes, horses, dogs, or astronomical depictions is not evil! In fact, if eyes are meant for seeing, beauty is its own excuse for being and everywhere a welcome guest.

As with beauty, so with sex and sensuality, they are not evil. Sin is a myth and even if it were not, no deity worthy of reverence would be so obsessed with whom is doing what to whom that virtually anything else including the slaughter of innocents is less vile.

Of course, some who spread these monstrous lies about females knew they were blatant propaganda and used them for the purpose of duping the credulous. By vilifying females, they ensnared males in a lunatic solidarity and created another form of booty or plunder, they could use to reward the male marauders in their service. Literally they made booty – specifically the female behind and sexual taking of females a loot substitute or supplement. Females were not only prizes to be won, but perpetrators to be blamed for the maltreatment they experienced. Shaming and blaming have a long and sorry history in the culture that the Enlightenment strove to shake off and supplant.

Champions of Enlightenment ideals and the civilization they started to create must resume the battle against and ultimately defeat misogyny and its outgrowth – patriarchy – or Enlightenment ideals will have no chance to finally triumph and the civilization we live in no chance to survive. The bigotry against females and the manipulative use of this deranged perspective made by those who lust for power will rampage unabated until it is eradicated like the infestation it is.

The human race in all its variety of shades, voices, and locales fundamentally comes in two forms: female and male. Not incidentally it is also divided into two camps which struggle continually for supremacy. One of these camps seeks to install themselves as the rulers of humankind or as much of it as they can conquer. This power seeking camp is well represented in stark terms by ISIL with all its flagrant misogyny and unhinged ferocity. The other camp works to ordain and operate governance with due process and equal rights for all. This camp is represented hesitatingly by the Western powers, most especially the United States, France, and England.  While the power-lusters may be thoroughly iniquitous, they are not all flamboyant and obvious. Some are elusive and stealthy. Unfortunately the proponents of Enlightenment ideals are not all cogent and constant. Many do not realize the stakes of the struggle or even its existence.

Those who seek to rule need a couple things. One is followers who will wage the battles needed to conquer others. Another is a group that can be stigmatized as inferior and treated oppressively by all members of the conquering horde. Females fit this requirement almost perfectly. No matter the race or ethnicity involved all humankind features males and females. Furthermore, the majority of males want females to be susceptible to their command. Men want to possess and enjoy women. There are exceptions of course, but from their earliest teenage years to their seniority guys want to have their way with women. Consequently, misogyny is a mindset with great staying power, not on the rational level, but on the emotional one. This common penchant among males makes females useful to the aspiring despots in aforementioned booty sense. They are, from this deranged perspective, the ultimately exploitable commodity.

Therefore, routing and removing misogyny is the first thing that must be done until the battle is won. Misogyny must be driven into obscurity. Female human beings must be recognized and respected as the full and equal human beings they truly are. No practice, preference, heritage, custom, tradition that relegates females to anything other than first class humanity can be allowed to stand and operate. Such things as the atrocities of Boko Haram clearly do not acknowledge the equal humanity of females, but laws that restrict reproductive choice for women do so as well. Boko Haram often abducts and kills women by the hundreds and even thousands. Anti-abortion laws kill hundreds of woman when they are fully implemented, but they do so one at a time. The titanic and the trifling insults, injuries, and inequities that afflict females due to misogyny fueled authoritarianism must be identified and eradicated. Goethe once said, “The good man apologizes for the errors and sins of the past; the great man corrects them.” In this struggle, good is not enough, all good men and true must rise to greatness.

Along with preventing heinous actions such as the Boko Haram atrocities in Nigeria, another aspect of the misogynistic lunacy howling within the modern world is the obsession with how much or how little females wear. This is the constant drip of patriarchal poison into the cultural bloodstream of our civilization. No human being’s worth or character is determined by the fabrics she puts on her body. If a woman is dressed in the hijab, which covers the woman’s body, leaving her face and hands visible; the niqab, which covers everything except the eyes; or the burqa, covering all parts of the face and body, she is not therefore moral; she is simply compliant with religious practices made mandatory in places where theocracy prevails. If a woman is dressed in a bikini, a mini-dress, and evening gown or lingerie, these garments do not make her immoral; she is simply exercising the options available to her within her culture as she chooses. The adage: “Clothes make the man” has never really been true and the same applies to a woman. The human being every female is cannot be reduced to the nature and quantity of the clothing any female wears.

Nothing in the realization of Enlightenment ideals requires people to be indifferent to the appearance of other human beings. Men and women can still find other men and women to be attractive. The fact that cultural influences affect one’s conception of human beauty does not mean that human beings must forego the appreciation or quest for beauty. Not every cultural influence is malign, and just because some ideas and ideals have co-existed does not mean they are identical or in collusion. In regard to attire, what the Enlightenment requires is that individual living women be allowed to make genuine choices about what they will wear at any given moment. There is no requirement that males become indifferent to female appearance or that females disregard their appearance. It is simply that females must not be blamed and shamed for what they choose to wear. Each human being’s body is her or his own and each human being must be allowed to make uncoerced choices her or his attire as well as  her or his bodily functions broadly conceived.

The ideals of Liberty, Equality and Unity also mean females cannot be excluded from positions of power and responsibility. They cannot be photoshopped out of images of national and world leaders. They cannot be expected to be seen and not heard or accept that their place is in the home. Women cannot be compelled to be mothers by making contraception and abortion services unattainable.  The blandishments of misogyny cannot be allowed to pervert our thinking and divert our attention. Liberty, Equality and Unity mean precisely what they imply. We are one species with two body types. No matter the shade, shape, size or status of our human sisters and brothers all and each of us has the full complement of rights by virtue of being human.

Of course implementing Enlightenment ideals fully for females requires more than allowing them to dress as they choose, acknowledging the complete humanity of females and admitting them to positions of power and responsibility. It requires a relentless mental and physical rebuttal of misogynistic attitudes and actions, so that true civil equality ultimately prevails. The stereotypical ideas of female roles have been formed over time and they will require time to undo. It is the responsibility of every male of goodwill to consciously work at doing so on his own and with those on whom he has influence.

Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  The danger of division pertains to species as well houses. A species divided against itself has survived and may continue to do so. It will not, however, succeed to the fullness of its potential and it may destroy the planet in the meantime. We are many individuals, and we are split into many nations, but we are one species. Now is time for the best of us to do all that can be done to ensure the rest of us kick the bigoted, brutal, baneful habits of the past. Our futures and that of everyone and everything we hold dear, depends on us rising to this real and rapacious challenge.


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  • jennifer kiley

    Enlightenment needs to break down barriers the Patriarchy has solidly put into place. Women are vulnerable from acts of violence, physical as well as verbal. The minds and actions of men must be changed in such a radical manner. Men cannot feel they rule women and can have and do them anything they want. Our Congress feels like it has the rights to overpower women through their backward legislation. Men walking down the street see women they are attracted to and feel the need to take them sexually there and then. A fantasy but without the knowledge being known to the women. Yes, some women feel attractions but it is acknowledged differently in the many places in the world where there is injustice for how a woman feels and what she does to cover up who she is inside as well as outside. Covering up. Educating. Acting on what a woman wants to do with her life is not always accepted or allowed. Simply being a teacher can get a woman killed.

    I would like to see a worldwide Enlightenment sweep over the minds and hearts of all people. Freedom to express your will if it is not evil should become acceptable. Equality on all levels should be a common occurrence, not something that needs legislating. The days of Men owning Women should be eliminated with the Enlightenment.

    There is so much you have opened the door to in your article Larry. So much change that needs to occur. A World filled with Equality for all. A World where women are safe to be who we are. A place where Artists can express what and how they see the world and there will be acceptance and change will occur.

    Patriarchy needs to be eliminated. Men need to stop feeling they have the right to overpower women. To treat women as a trophy from a battle. How dare anyone make this assumption. The violence against women and the misunderstanding and treatment of us as anything less than first class citizens should be entirely be eliminated.

    There is so much more to write. You have written a majorly important piece Larry. Looking forward to Part 3. Part 1 was brilliant. It is Great when men stand side by side with women to help make the changes that are necessary for a Free and Fair world to live in. Jennifer

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    • Larry Conley


      Once again you have expressed such insightful and important truths in response to an essay of mine. I am deeply in your debt.

      Something I have never understood and still do not, Why in the name of all that is true and good won’t men “stand side by side with women to help make changes that are necessary for a Free and Fair world to live in.”? If any human being does not want to live in a Free and Fair world, what does that tell all with the minds to think about that human being?

      I used this phrasing deliberately as you undoubtedly know: ” Goethe once said, “The good man apologizes for the errors and sins of the past; the great man corrects them.” In this struggle, good is not enough, all good men and true must rise to greatness.”

      I used male specifying language, because MALES ARE INSIDE THE GATES of patriarchy. We must be the Greeks in the Trojan Horse and come out of hiding and slay figuratively [or when need be actually] the tyrants.

      Thank you again, Jennifer Kiley!

      PS: Would you at sometime in 2015 send me an FB message or whatever of your 5 to 20 favorite movies of all time?

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