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A Few Perspectives: The Mermaid Chronicles and other stories

[Kindle Edition]
Lillian Taylor Stajnbaher (Author), Dean Walker (Editor), Dr. Bill Akpinar (Foreword)

A Few Perspectives: The Mermaid Chronicles and other storiesLao Tzu (c.604 – 531 B.C.) taught that to know thyself is wisdom, and to master thyself, power. But how? What is it to be self-aware, and how does one become his or her own master? With a willingness and ability to look internally, square in the third eye and to be honest with compassion about our failings; to incorporate the perception of us by others; to be forgiving of ourselves and others and willing to set upon a new course. These are significant elements in these process of maturation of the individual and of our collective selves. Always ultimately responsible for self-governance and our own happiness, each of us must grow wise enough and empowered enough to merit and properly exercise these responsibilities.

The protagonists in these stories struggle between their higher selves and the depravity of ego and anger. Each is shaped by the circumstance and culture, but resisting and trying to expand beyond norms that just do not feel right.

My personal favorite is the Mermaid Chronicles – because I enjoy the juxtaposition of verse within prose. Because I enjoyed writing from my soap box about the folly and foibles of those unwilling to journey beneath social veneer and influence of greed. Because hope reigns supreme and victorious.

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