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Producer of pop/dance music and owner of Azafran Music,Michael Pitluk  is worth checking out.

Hi there. How are you this week? I just recovered from flu and I am back to work. But blogging is my energizer. It is my battery that64f50a63104b9d9b3055a752d28034e0 I think as long as I maintain it, it’s going to keep away 90% of germs and viruses. Now, if you are looking for something upbeat and popsy, then you might want to give this guy a listen. His name is Michael Pitluk. I like the name. It sounds like it can be a good name for an actor…or maybe a novelist.

So what is his musical style? His music is more on the pop/alternative/dance genre. To be honest, my love for music was due to pop music. Without pop music then I would not have developed interest in MUSIC as a universal force of goodness and enjoyment. Pop is easy to digest and it is divided into many groups. What I love is ‘ intelligent pop’ which is what his music is all about.

He is uploading his tunes online and hopefully these songs will make their way into an album one day when they find a cohesive ground to take them to the next level. He is based in Los Angeles and his influences are Damon Albarn, John Mayer, Brent Mason, Stephan Jenkins, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Alex Da Kid, Dave Pensado and Michael Brauer. Quiet a handful huh? I like them too especially Damon Albarn which I can spot in his style once in a while.

When not performing, writing or recording, he is busy running his own Azafran studio and producing for other artists. Check out his demos here:

A video sample of his tutorial. This is for aspiring guitarists.

I love what I am hearing and at this point Michael Pitluk should start cultivating his fanbase as he has close to 10,000 followers in Twitter. If you love what you are hearing then you can give this guy a tweet via https://twitter.com/MichaelPitluk

Or give his facebook a ‘like’ : https://www.facebook.com/michaelpitluk


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