Oliver is driven to stop crime without killing criminals in CW’s Arrow.

Stephen Amell is Oliver Queen , the hooded vigilanti.

Stephen Amell is Oliver Queen , the hooded vigilanti.


The more I watch Arrow, the more I am convinced why actor Stephen Amell is Anne Rice’s bet to play the legendary vampire Lestat of Interview with the Vampire. If you look closely, he has a little bit of that Lestat thingy. Just lose those pounds, let him grow his hair long and then you have it, The Vampire Lestat!

But this post has nothing to do with Vampires or Lestat de Lioncourt. I am writing about the new TV series called Arrow. This is based on The Green Arrow of DC Comic. He is like the vegelate Robin Hood. Their attitude is similar a sense that they want to bring justice by taking the money from the corrupt(rich) and give it back to the poor.

Arrow follows the story of Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy turned hooded vigilante archer. Like I mentioned,  he is based on the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow. After surviving a shipwreck on an isolated island for five years, Oliver returns to his home city with a mission to right the wrongs of his father and save the city from the crime that has flourished in his absence. At first, he’s considered a vigilante; however, to honor Tommy’s memory, he vows to stop all crimes without killing (except as a last resort) and no longer use “The List” and thus starting his journey into becoming the hero of Starling City. In his costumed guise, he has alternately been called “The Hood”, “The Vigilante”, and “The Arrow”.

Katie Cassidy portrays Dinah Laurel Lance, Oliver's former love interest.

Katie Cassidy portrays Dinah Laurel Lance, Oliver’s former love interest.


This is another great presentation of The CW that brings back the excitement for super heroes which is fueled in part, by a number of movies like Captain America, Iron Man, Superman etc. It is a great show to watch after a long day. No gruesome scenes and no camp. Just your old fashioned super hero-saves-the day, with a fresh treatment. I am also glad to see Katie Cassidy as  Dinah Laurel Lance. I first saw her in Supernatural playing the demon Rubie. Yay to the fact that she will have more screen time in this show! Arrow also marks the return of Brandon Routh( Superman returns) as Ray Harper. 

There are many episodes that I would recommend you watch and also many characters coming along the way.

Watch the amazing trailer below.

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  • Katy Kern

    Oh, I never thought of him as Lestat. How very interesting. Are they thinking of remaking the film? I never liked the one that came out with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise -- I always thought Brad Pitt should have played Lestat instead of Louis. Oh well --
    I know Stephen Amell from Hung -- An HBO show. He came on the tail-end of the show and played a much different character than Oliver. I recall reading a review when Arrow first came out and how the critic thought Stephen stole the show and made it worth watching.

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