Unearthing the Heavenly Diva Mary Fahl

Still image taken from Going Home, the theme song of the movie Gods and Generals by Mary Fahl.

If Gaetano Donizetti were alive, he would have created many arias for Mary Fahl to sing. Dante Gabriel Rossetti could have been prevented from taking his life. And many paintings would have been created about her.

Part wood nymph, part vampire kiss, her rich contralto soars like divine smoke to the altars of the senses. It was in the early 90s when I discovered the rich and transporting music of  October Project. The songwriting of Emil Adler, Marina Belica and Julie Flanders made the tracks work with her voice. Unfortunately, Sony dropped the band. What’s really frustrating is that it was actually the label’s fault that resulted to the poor sales. The people behind Sony did not know how to promote the band.

October Project disbanded and that left Mary and the rest of the band fend for their own. She was able to put up an EP called Lenses of Contact using the funds she earned from doing background vocals for commercials including the European car Audi. As she used to joke: “I always get foreign cars.” She also wrote and performed a track Going Home for the movie Gods and Generals. The song is taken from her album The Other Side of Time.

Around 2010 I ‘discovered’ her unheard of tracks while Googling. It was through a certain site which I won’t mention here for obvious reasons. Anyway, I emailed Mary Fahl concerning these tracks:

Hi Mary,

I am a blogger and have been following your career since October Project. I recently came across three of your tracks : Red Sunset, White Bird and Ghost of Me. I am wondering if these gems will ever see the light of day as album tracks.



In which Mary replied:

Hi Baxter,

I was actually fascinated  to hear that you came across the tracks.  These were all demos that I did with Bob Riley, formerly of the band Gracepool – Bob died suddenly a few years ago and is sorely missed.  I never did anything with these tracks and actually lost them in the process of moving – if it is possible for you to MP3 me copies of the three tracks, I would be very, very appreciative as I’d love to hear them again myself and perhaps explore using them again.  I’m not sure where you “found them”, but I’d also be very interested in knowing whether or not you came across another song I did with Bob entitled “Box in a Cave”.

Thanks so much for your note.

All my best,

Click here if this doesn’t play.

Click here if this doesn’t play.

Click here if this doesn’t play.


Author Anne Rice is a big fan of Mary Fahl. In fact she even left a comment on my blog regarding one of my articles about the artist. You can read it here under comments section: http://celticmusicfan.com/2009/06/06/upcoming-mary-fahl-tour-dates/

Videos with October project:

Solo works:

There are no videos to be found on the internet so I made my own for her songs:



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