The Way Home by Dan Aston

Dan Aston


The Way Home promises to be an auspicious debut EP.

The thing about new artists these days is that if you ask them who their influences are, they are going to tell you names you probably heard on the radio or even young artists like themselves. In a generation where new bands will just pick up an acoustic guitar and create songs based on a four chord pattern, it is refreshing to hear a new voice quite beyond his years. Dan Aston comes from a musical family. He is part of the Cornish Celtic band An Derow together with his parents Phil and Sue Aston.

The Way Home is his debut EP comprising of seven artfully crafted songs. It was recorded at The VIP Lounge in Penzance, Cornwall and produced by Dare Mason. The result is a clean and crisp album that will delight audiophiles who either prefer tracks through living room speakers or the intimacy of head phones. Every nuance, every consonant is captured with just the right amount of reverb. The production technique resulted  to  songs with full bodied sound.

The lyrical quality of The Way Home delves into introspection with hints of spirituality. I think this is due to his diverse musical exposure at such a young age. He credits John Martyn, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen as influences. Even his style of singing showcases mature confidence and sophisticated vocal phrasing. It is a clear voice and pleasant voice that is easily recognizable.

I recall the explanation he gave while working on the EP around August of 2012: “The listeners can expect a selection of my original songs that have strong roots in folk, blues and jazz genres as well as possessing a Celtic touch. Working with local Celtic group An Derow and having played on Sue Aston’s recent album ‘Between Worlds’ has influenced me in this direction as well as my natural love towards renowned musicians in the folk/celtic genre such as John Martyn and Nick Drake. Some of my songs will be expanded instrumentally for the album and will feature additional musicians to add further depth and textures to their musical landscapes. The expansion of my songs will also include myself playing lead guitar and harmonica which doesn’t currently appear on the soundcloud demos. The record will be musically diverse and will hopefully appeal in one way or another to listeners from all musical backgrounds.”

The EP starts with the easy listening title track with its prominent harmonica solo. The upbeat Above the Ground follows with chorus “what did I do to make you hate me.” It then melts into a jazzy “For You My Friend ” There was time when I was down and lonely, you were the one who saved me from it all”…His masterful plucking is showcased in See You Again. This track is about the spiritual longing for someone close to him. “The time is right for you to show to yourself to me, in the darkness tonight, I will wait awhile.” Flight displays his expertise with the scales and also blues music. It is the only track which is fully instrumental. The Other Side is rousing and I compare it to a splash of water under sunlight creating rainbows. Still Life ends the EP and I hear a blue note there. ” The world outside keeps on turning. It wont be long until it passes you by.” The song has changing time signature and tune and then ends into the familiar theme.

The Way Home is a celebration of a talent starting to bloom. It promises potential that will create a tsunami of artistic delights from the ripple of here and now. Dan Aston is certainly a singer/songwriter worth cheering for in this auspicious debut.



1) Way Home

2) Above the Ground

3) For You My Friend

4) See You Again

5) Flight

6) The Other Side

7) Still Life

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