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The Bathurst Moment by Sacha Talens

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Album cover of The Bathurst Moment LP: Artwork by Sacha Talens. Used with permission from the artist.

Laugh, swoon and rebel with The Bathurst Moment, a debut LP by Canadian singer/songwriter Sacha Talens.

Music & Lyrics by Sacha Talens.
Recorded by Sacha Talens at Sin Meadows Studios Toronto, MixART studios Montreal, Studios Ferber Paris. Additional percussion by Nick Montazeaud. Additional guitars by Fab Mornet, Phil Avril and Mick Lapie.
Produced and mixed by Sacha Talens & Phil Avril at Ferber Studios Paris.
All rights reserved to BMG & Albeancia Publishing.

Like a notebook of scribbles and doodles, The Bathurst Moment promises to entice, entertain and inspire you into its secrets. The album has undergone excellent sound production that was conceived and assembled, spanning continents and seasons. A self-confessed traveler, Sacha Talens put together a collection of songs filled with insights into the human condition, pop culture and relationships. His greatest strengths are his lyrical humor and wit. He takes  sad or serious situations and makes them comical.  The afterthought creates a punch when you realize that some of the songs are actually heavy but laced with pleasant melodies.

He is a chronicler of our times capturing moments for analysis, like Instagram photos. These are candid moments made bearable by color editing. But isn’t that how life should be approached? With a wry sense of humor and dry wit?


The Bathurst Moment can attract listeners with catchy melodies and hooks that revolve all over the album. There are light and dark moments. There are slow and fast tunes. Most of all, there are vocal harmonies reminiscent of The Beatles and The Beach Boys. This is best exploited by the opening track Balcony Girl sung a-capella where Sacha harmonizes with himself in several layers creating a chorus of male voices. The second track A la dérive is made for lovers of eighties punk rock music. The danceable drum beats and killer bass lines will make even the most jaded hipster want to dance. The song is infused with jangly electric guitars used in good measure,which reminds me of early Cure albums. Other tracks like The Tea House and Fish Tank Blues make use of the tetris game sound effects. Quiet Forever is an upbeat ballad with a chorus part that is downplayed. I can tell that Sacha isn’t a big fan of karaoke music regardless of  his inclination for catchy tunes.
The Heart You Wear Within is wrapped in burlesque style. There are also layers of backing vocal backing that are a joy to listen to. Mansard Road is perhaps my favorite ballad in the album. It has a nice jazzy pace and the vocals have the hypnotic effect of watching a roulette turn slowly. Nylon string guitar, keyboards, and gossamer layers of sound effects make this a truly satisfying track to listen to each time.
(Cancel the Sun) In the Mile End is my favorite upbeat track. The guitar hooks, steady drum beats and excellent choice of chords make me swoon. When he reaches that chorus  where he sings ”Push me over, go push me over, we don’t need a rest whatsoever, night and day it’s all the same to me” I swear my inner smile broke into creative climax! It’s like climbing up the hill with such exhilaration that reaching the top is  a triumphant victory. Yes that’s how this song makes me feel every time I listen to it. The Sin Meadows follows with acoustic guitar strums and toe tapping rhythms. Break the Doctor’s Heart showcases his love for world music by incorporating the use of the Chinese stringed instrument called the erhu along with various strings. The achingly beautiful chorus  will make even fellow Canadian and crooner Michael Bublé have a run for his money. The pizzicato bits are awesome too!
Peaches d’Azote gets one back into the chiptune style of some of the tracks. Strangely, it also reminds me of the songs that Elton John and Eric Carmen made in the 70s with its sophisticated use of classical and rock frills.
Twin Tonight closes The Bathurst Moment with its simple ukelele accompaniment and Sacha’s crooning vocals.

You don’t need to have a hipster’s mentality to relate to the lyrics of his songs. He presents interesting commentaries to the issues of our times. For example, take these lines about a superficial socialite  in “Balcony Girl”: For her I’m a fish, with the body of the human also with the head of a human, I’m a fish,she looks down on me with the temper of a wave the advantage given by her balcony..and she asks something mundane like the weather and the likes even though she knows that here it always rains…

There are a lot of interesting lines that you can listen to for your amusement, reflection or both. The thing is, for a debut album from an artist who never released an EP prior to this, and also for someone who is able to get a spot in a major publishing company, I can say that Sacha Talens packs a wallop. You can tell by every song. The album builds resonance everytime I listen to it.

Verdict: This is an album that has mainstream pop rock appeal. It is something that you can blast in your car while traveling with party minded friends. But for introspective listeners, this gem of ideas  is a must-have.

Bio: Genetic spaniard, natal canadian, Montrealer by the caprices of fate, Sacha Talens is a cosmopolitan songwriter and musician.
Born in the unclassifiable Cote-Des-Neiges neighbourhood of Montreal in the mid 80s to a couple of spanish immigrants,
Sacha’s music, though having punk roots, a need for energy and pop melody, is also splattered with a variety of influences such as classical music, african and latin rhythms, and obsessively detailed, introspective and quasi-surreal lyrics.
His new album “The Bathurst Moment” will be released on January 14th 2013


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