The Addicting Musical Concoction of Maxim Cormier

Maxim Cormier 2 is an album that bleeds magic, elegance and a grand artistic vision for a young talent!


Anyone who has a deep regard to instrumental music will love the latest offering of Nova Scotia native Maxim Cormier.  His second album is simply titled Maxim Cormier 2 and has been released this month. It continues to get positive reviews worldwide. Listeners who had no idea of his debut effort will go look for that one, as his music grows on you even at first listen.

1400520520453 This second release is different in a sense that it includes other musicians . His dad Gervais Cormier also appeared in the sessions and it will make you believe that music is indeed a genetic gift. His fluid artistry is evident in tunes like J’Attendrai, Slipping into Four and the Miles Davis classic Blue in Green.

I don’t find any weak tune in the album’s ten tracks because they all blend seamlessly. The tempo changes with every track, giving the album such variety. And speaking of variety, you can hear many influences, from Celtic, French folk to Jazz. This is an eclectic record that is a must, if you really take instrumental music seriously. There are times when Cormier dabbles with the electric guitar and the result is refreshing.

I love the contribution of other musicians like Andy Cormier (trumpet #1,3), Ben Marmen (cello #1,5,9), Chuck Bucket (drums/percussion #1,3,5),Scott Ferguson (drums #4,6), Ian MacMillan (drums #9), Cassie MacDonald (fiddle #9), Rankin MacInnis (pipes #9) and Zeph Caissie (steps #9).

If you haven’t seen the music video for Blue in Green, then it is available on youtube. Maxim Cormier 2 is a proof that he can dabble with many styles but always come out victorious. Every note he plays evokes classical refinement and great intuition. He has a vision that is ahead of his years. I know that with every album release, his craft will only get better. Buy the album here:

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