Suppleness and Strength:Gown by Jo Hamilton

a2854596046_10 It is so easy to soar through the stately melodies of Gown by Jo Hamilton. She is described by the Guardian as “Björk and Sarah McLachlan singing Robbie Burns, backed by Sigur Rós”. I love many singers but it is rare to encounter someone with a great command of phrasing, dynamics and emotion. She has a good range with deep respect for nuance. This is intelligent pop in a world devoted to plastic hits. The cover artwork is well executed as it calls to mind velvet, bellowing curtains in the insular grandeur of distant castles. These are tunes for meditation and catharsis.

How Beautiful Reminds me of PJ Harvey with shades of October Project. She is not afraid to let her voice rip through when passages demand for strength. But in tender moments she sings like an angel. One can tell that a lot of effort has been placed in the recording of Gown. The sonic layers go deep and in every gossamer thread of sound, we hear her brave spirit as she unabashedly tread the perilous world of jaded insanity. All in Adoration reminds me of tunes out of Hitchcock movies (with urban beats) while she croons like Billie Holiday.

Gown is a journey to different moods, styles and genres. And in the center of it all is her elegant voice. A great album to listen to while waiting for a bus to arrive or when you are on a journey watching the world pass by. You can sample and buy the album Gown here:

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