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Innocent Johnny

English electronic singer/songwriter Johnny Normal has just released a new tune called Miss Razorblade. It debuted in my radio show a few episode ago. This catchy electro pop song pays tribute to the 80s sound in the vein of Human League, Eurythmics and Soft Cell. I like his carefree and sometimes comical lyrical approach. Such attitude embodies the spirit of New Wave music, which for me, is all about beautiful melodies, sci fi inspired synth sounds and dance-inducing beats.

By day, Mr Normal takes the guise of a Birmingham corporate senior. By night he is a DJ playing tracks of great names in the British synthtopia scene. But once in a while he gets an invite to play with legendary artists like Adam Ant. He has a band specializing in Post-Punk Electronic Rock/Pop with members like Psycho Pete and (Nigel W). Yes, they don’t like to give their true names away.

His musical awakening begun in 1981 when he started tinkering with the Yamaha cs1-x. He currently owns the  Korg micro-x, Casio cz-1000, Pearl drum-x, Roland w30, Korg ms2000, Moog phatty and some very pleasing guitars too-in short musical toys that will make any electro artist drool.

Yesterday, he performed to a big crowd with Phil Marsh,a musician and fellow Radio Happy DJ as part of the attendees. Personally, I only have nice things to say about Johnny Normal. He’s one of the people who supported me when I became part of Radio Happy. He also wrote two jingles for me, and always gives me sane advice to be better in my new hobby.

He is certainly not so normal.


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