Musical Comedy:Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow

Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow is a musical comedy in the bardic tradition of storytelling.

Artist Steven Hawson sent me a message about his new musical project. My curiosity was piqued. This isn’t just any project. It’s a comedy using Celtic music as a vehicle. The story of Shamus and Steve is an example of an artist with a bardic talent that flows naturally. You can’t tell a funny story like that without a gift. He used his voice jumping from one character to the next with a grace of a deer.

It’s taken from his new Celtic Comedy 2-Volume CD . It is being released this month on CD Baby. According to him, while it is primarily a comedy album, it is geared toward fans of Celtic music, who will especially enjoy the off-beat settings of popular trad melodies. Anyone who “likes” the Shamus and Steve facebook page gets a free download of Volume 1 (70 minutes long)Shamus and Steve

Here’s what   Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow is all about:

Steven Hawson has been described as the “Weird Al Yankovic” of Celtic music. Now, with Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow, the Albuquerque-based musical gagman has taken his deft (and daft) talents where no Celtic laddie has gone before! A multi-faceted musician and gifted voice actor, Hawson breaks new creative ground in this two-volume comic misadventure with an array of off-beat characters, “Monty Pythonesque” sketches, unorthodox settings of Irish and Scottish melodies, and an intricate story line replete with egg-headed non-sequiturs and side-splitting banter. Destined to become an instant classic, Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow is a must have for everyone who enjoys the Celtic genre…and a good clean laugh.

I love it. It’s just a demo and it makes me want to get hold of the finished product I will get the taste of the preview in the next few weeks in the form MP3s, so I will let you know what I think .

Artist Steven Hawson lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow is just one of the many projects he worked with in his musical career through the years.

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Musical Comedy:Shamus and Steve's Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow, 6.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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  • Thanks for the great “pre-review” I hope you’ll enjoy the whole thing soon! Cheers, Steven Hawson

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  • You are welcome Steven. Looking forward to it. Cheers!

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