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The divine Mary Fahl

Mary Stretches Out Her Music with



I guess it is ok to say by now that Mary Fahl has created her own musical style outside the band she joined and left more than two decades ago. Has it been that long? Time has made her bloomed and I am not just saying musically but physically. She looks absolutely stunning. Forgive me if I swoon like crazy at the thought that she embodies the perfect pre-raphaelite goddess. But I am not going to expound on how she looks and those eyes, the color of an ocean under a clear day. I am going to talk about the experience listening to her  double CD called Mary Fahl: Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera house.

A few months ago there was this buzz about the upcoming live DVD and CD. And I got excited. For the first time we her her step into the spotlight on her own. I am not saying that it is her individual effort. She is backed with amazing musicians with stellar musical achievements. But this is her own production and majority of the songs are composed by her.



Perusing to the CDs of October Project, I realized that they never really exploited her vocals to the fullest. It’s always Marina Belica singing the upper registers during their harmony and she is left with the alto part.  She has not been given a chance to showcase her lyrics or compositional talents. But that voice wrapped the whole band and gave it a circle of uniqueness. After releasing an EP, two original albums plus a Pink Floyd cover album; this double live album celebrates her evolution both as a singer and songwriter.

Listen to Siren(from Love & Gravity) and you can tell she has stretched her vocal style. This could have been influenced by Homer’s Odyssey. It’s the kind of singing I’ve been expecting her to do after hearing the tracks from The Dark Side of The Moon. She is not just the full-bodied contralto. This diva has a big voice. She has stretched her amazing pipes to the higher registers which made me think that if she pursued a broadway career she would have blown the audience to the ionosphere. And that is the thing about her voice. She knows how to use it to achieve a certain  effect she wants. She sweeps you off your feet but her dark lover register pulls you down in a grip of supernatural gravity.

She also gives a nod to jazz legends like her moving version of Wild is the Wind by Nina Simone. When I listen to that my eyes cloud over. I remember the people I’ve lost in my life. There is so much soul she puts in her singing that she bleeds life through them and refresh them with her voice’s tearful beauty. The live version of Going Home sounds better than the recorded one for The Other Side of Time. I don’t know what they did with the sound but they have stripped away the ‘aura’ of her voice. She has a natural reverb and this version sounds better. There are also songs in French (La Vie En Rose), Italian opera(Nessun Dorma)and Arabic (Ben Aindi Habibi). She also performs songs from October Project and in Be My Hero (the closing track), she unleashes the fury with her growls that could turn the heads of seraphims.

I enjoyed the album that the 22 tracks seem short. It looks like there is a need for another live CD from her in the near future. Mary Fahl will always belong to my elite list of female vocalists. It is a voice that years and years from now, when I am old I would always say ‘that voice sounds like no other.’

About Mary Fahl:

Mary Fahl (born Mary Faldermeyer, July 1, 1958) is an American singer, songwriter and actress known for her work with October Project in the mid-1990s. More recently she is known for her solo singing and acting career. She released an EP Lenses of Contact in 2001, and a full album The Other Side of Time in 2003 on Sony Classical. From the Dark Side of the Moon, was released on May 10, 2011. She has teamed up with producer John Lissauer, who also produced Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” for her fifth full-length album, Love & Gravity, due out in 2013. Her music has been featured in the film Gods and Generals, as well as the film version of the play The Guys. She also wrote the theme song, “Exiles: The Wolves of Midwinter,” for the audiobook version of Anne Rice’s novelThe Wolves of Midwinter, which was released on Oct. 15. 2013.- Source : Official website.

The CD is available now:





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