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Mary Fahl: Life, Gravity and Music

Mary Fahl Both Sides Now

Some of the best voices in the world are found in the United States. Forget the shock presentations of young musicians and fame hungry new artists. If you get deeper into American music, that is where you find the gold. Yes it is true you have to go through the plastic to get into the heart of what makes American music truly exciting.

Singer/songwriter/actress Mary Fahl embodies the spirit of the mystical America. As a graduate of Medieval Literature, she spent her time in Europe to enhance her musical studies and life of adventure. She has a wealth of material ready to see the world. Drawing the energy from her Irish and German roots, she creates a sound that’s not really pop but something intelligent and timeless. She is releasing her new album Love and Gravity. This artist with a Pre-Raphaelite beauty has a career that goes back to the early 90s when the band October Project was formed. But their music was too deep for Epic records to handle so the label dropped them. The label obviously didn’t know how to market them as a band. And the members started regrouping but this time without Mary.

For a time she lent her strong distinctive voice to car commercials to finance her EP Lenses of Contact. Soon she joined forces with the late Bob Riley of Gracepool only to be devastated by his passing. She left the demos she recorded with him in her old apartment when she moved. I was the one who got hold of them from the web and mailed them back to her which resulted to a brief exchange of messages. Her contribution to the Civil-War themed Gods and Generals paved way to The Other Side of Time. Critics praised her voice and musicality, labeling her as ‘intelligent pop’ and ‘the voice for the gods.’

She is back with Love and Gravity which further cements her originality not just as a singer but as a songwriter rooted in folk rock. And yes that kind of voice. I think followed her career for 20 years already and all the waiting makes an artist’s work a pleasure to have. The single is an original by Joni Mitchell called Both Sides Now. Yes Joni pinned it and brought it up the charts through Judy Collins. But it’s the drama of Mary Fahl’s voice  that gives it another character and soul. I am a sucker for unique voices. I was brought up listening to standards as a child where the human voice is the first instrument and then everything follows.

I think this song has a personal meaning for me too. It is a song about being steadfast in the midst of chaos, about wisdom after so many hurts. It isn’t  song for the shallow. It is about LIFE and life is both beautiful and painful. I am going to get this album when it comes out, just to hear the beautiful voice of Mary Fahl and to go back to my I became a blogger. I love music!

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  • Baxter, your depth of knowledge in the realm of music is transfixing. You have already introduced me to amazing Celtic artists and now to Mary Fahl. She has put her own signature on this song and it almost eclipses that of Judy Collins. And to think that you “rescued her songs from the web”! Destiny is amazing and you enabled this process. You have quite a gift in music appreciation and that makes you a gift to those of us who enjoy new discoveries.

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  • Hi Cher so glad you enjoyed the Music of Mary Fahl. I experienced how hard it was to find anyone who share appreciation for my type of music. In high school friends would drop by and as soon as I hit the play button there’s that reaction like I’m going to play them ‘horror’ music. They just didn’t get it. After sometime I got used to it and even played along…

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