Layne Greene: Reflections of a Nova Scotian Artist.


Layne Greene: One of New Glasgow’s rising young stars. 284194_542122562481647_392463136_n

Photos and  album artworks by Julie Meyer


Layne Greene is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Blue Mountain NS. His music is a blend of traditional acoustic styles, and more modern ambient textures. Over the last two years he has been busy performing around the county, including two performances on the New Glasgow Jubilee Youth Stage with his band “The Tea Kettles”. Currently studying Business Administration at St.FX he is hoping to make a career in the music industry after completion of his degree.

I consider Layne Greene as gifted. He is a young man with an old soul. He takes music seriously. In fact I compare such fervor to  that of a Classical musician. He did have formal training in music. This was helpful because he is able to collaborate with different bands and play different types of music with his guitar. He also plays other instruments like the keyboards. His prowess with technology even extends to sound mixing and mastering.

I first got in touch with him around December of 2010 when I stumbled upon his myspace page. I was captivated by his song called “Iron Town” due to his use of voice layering and other instruments. This communication has proven to be fruitful because I was able to monitor his musical progress closely. He already released an EP From Ground Up with his band The Tea Kettles.The sound production is exquisite. His sense of perfection is evident in tracks where he had to either remove or re record parts he thought to be weak. Then there is that aspect where he likes to make sure the sound quality of the recordings is really good.

When he has extra cash he likes to spend on pedals and other gears. He also likes to shop for really high quality microphones . Being a fan of reverb (like yours truly) he insures that he adds a good amount of mass to the sound. Film work is also part of his passion. His big break came after getting a role in a coming of age Canadian movie Summerhood playing the part of Flyball. In fact he really takes his acting career seriously that he already appeared in Canadian TV shows as a guest.

But music will always be his first love. He told me in one of our conversations that his main concern is to be able to live making music. That’s all. While other people hope for huge fortune or a hit at the top of the charts, Layne sees music as it is- something that keeps him alive.

He is proud  of his New Glasgow community of artists . It is a thriving film and music community. Some of the TV shows you see like the sci fi series  Haven is shot somewhere on the east coast, a few hours drive from New Glasgow. They support one another and that’s what makes it work for years. So it is natural for them to lend their talents to one another.

Right after From Ground Up was released, he took part in the Sounds of Youth Music Competition with Bryan MacDonald on lead guitar. This resulted to more projects on the side.


A live EP was released at the end of August last year. This was a collaborative effort between him and professional Jazz guitarist Alexander MacNeil. Other credits go to Shawn Bisson for Mixing/Engineer and Andy Cunningham for Photography/crew.The EP was recorded in the interior of Blue Mountain Church, This is Knox Presbyterian Church located in Nova Scotia. The interior provided favorable acoustics to the recording of the live EP.Unlike his other studio recordings, the mixing didn’t modify the original sound and the reverb was produced by the natural environment.

Layne Greene performing his song Break
w/ Alex MacNeil
Old Block Productions –
Andy Cunningham – Director/editor/Second Camera/Lighting
Adam Johnson – First Camera/Sound Recorder/Sound Editor
Brad Sutton – Lighting

He is influenced by artists like Glen Hansard(whom he credits as the guy who shaped his songwriting) Damien Rice, Gregory Alan Isakov among others. He payed tribute to them by releasing a covers only album. The recordings were done weekly up to the completion of the album. It started around September of 2012 and ended at Christmas.

He is currently working on something eclectic which is a collaboration with an electronic musician.  Layne Greene loves music passionately. I think more than anyone I know. He is now in the middle of a Business Degree in college but he is able to balance his studies with his creative pursuits. He lives to write music and he writes to live.



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