John Munnelly: On music and comedy.



Getting to know the  humor of John Munnelly, a.k.a LaughJohnLaugh.

Why laughjohnlaugh – what does that mean?
Happy child – neighbors would look at me or in pram and say laugh John Laugh ! – so I would.

Tis’ nice to find humor in a lot of things. Humor teaches us to laugh in the midst of adversity. It is a healing balm as we journey through life’s shaky road. You might be surprise to know that funny people are also serious. You might think they wear that funny mask 24/7 and being silly is part of their lives. Nope. Anyway that is what singer/comedian John Munnelly says when he is asked if he wears his funny mask all the time. ” Well I do have a serious side too so I sort of try and balance the poles and get energy from both.”

Originally from Ireland, John now resides in Brooklyn, New York. He runs a website to post updates about his local shows, mostly musical with social commentaries. One of his popular videos called (Bum Song)”Does my bum look big in this?” has almost 14,000 hits and growing. The song is described as hilarious catchy pop song about ‘that’ question women ask and men dread – “Does my bum look big in this?” Here is that video:

A detailed explanation about this video can be found on:

He describes himself as Creative, Witty, Curious, Artistic and Humorous. As a musician, he is a proud owner of  a Collings Acoustic Guitar.”I used to own a set of Uileann Pipes and wish I still had a set.” Music has always been part of his life and that goes with being Irish. This got me curious about what albums he is currently listening to these days.

“I generally dig singles over albums recently – I write… so nearly always I am writing or practicing something new so that generally holds my attention.” As for his top 10 albums:

“Foster the people/ Azaelia Banks -212/ Lumineers/ Mumford & Sons/ Gotye / Prince Zimboo / Metric / are examples of stuff that I listened to in 2012.” Out of the ten, the artists I am only familiar with are Mumford & Sons and Gotye.”

I jokingly asked what he would take with him if ever he gets stranded in an island. He answered: “My wife, guitar n strings, bible, Irish tea-bags, potatoes, knife, kettle, large tent, sunscreen, hat, inflatable boat, water supply – swimming togs, paper n pens.”

Social networking is one aspect he is also enthusiastic about. He always updates his facebook, twitter and other accounts online along with getting to know people from all over the world. “Love having google because it reads my emails for me and then gives me adverts about things I wrote to my friends about – kindness in surprising places. Facebook: I love filling in a massive database about myself and everybody on the earth – what’s not to like.”

His answer to the question about how to deal with a situation involving rabid admirers: “I suggest that they write me into their wills, inveigle them to do interviews with me. Failing that I engage in witty banter and ask them are they on my mailing list.”

“Musicians, playing and writing music and the leap of faith one has to take.” These are the things he love about being in the music scene.

He is working on an album. I am sure it will be worth a listen to drive the blues away.



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  • Funny song. He’s easy on the eyes as well.

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  • Thanks for the feedback. Glad for the response to the song and about him being easy on the eyes. Now it’s going to be John Blush John XD

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  • We can always use a good laugh. It’s such good medicine. I will have check out his humor. The bum song is fun. lol Nice piece Baxter. 🙂

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    • I agree Dani. Especially in these times of tanking global economy, we need something to laugh about to get us through.

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