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Interview with UK-based Hip Hop Artist Chima Anya on The Doctor’s Note


Chima Anya

Interview with UK based Hip hop artist Chima Anya who just released his sophomore album The Doctor’s Note.

I am not a hiphop fanatic. I never owned a hip hop album before. That is why it is a surprise when something turns up that makes you realize that perhaps you are missing a lot by not keeping an open mind. Such is the result after listening to The Doctor’s Notes, a follow up to the debut album New Day by Chima Anya.

The artist has an interesting background too. This is the introduction to his bio:

Born to a Nigerian research scientist & Romanian economist, Dr Anya spent the first 10 years of his life in Glasgow giving rise to his striking accent. In 1995 he moved to Oxford when his father started working at the prestigious university. You can read the full bio here.

We both enjoyed this conversation and yes I love The Doctor’s Note!

You made this melodic hiphop album that makes even those who don’t listen
to  hiphop take interest. How proud and excited are you with this album?

Thank you for such kind words! It’s always been my opinion that music is
the  universal language and the thing all truly great artists have in common is
the ability to communicate with all types of people. Young, old, black,
white, male, female,  music connoisseurs and philistines! To have a
project that transcends those barriers in a genre as polarising as Hiphop is
probably my greatest achievement to date! And as you can tell I’m overly
excited! Haha

How many percentage of The Doctor’s Note is your own sweat?

That’s a difficult question. I feel a lot of the album was pretty
inspired  and effortless. Most of the songs came real natural, I feel if  you gotta
force it, it probably isn’t working! I’ve been doing music so long it’s
second nature to me. The sweat more comes in with the marketing/

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promotional side of things. That doesn’t come so natural to me and actually I find
really difficult and stressful. I try not to sweat about that side of
things  too much though, gotta keep what’s important in perspective.

What I found odd is that your single Still Here happens to be the last
song in the album. How did this happen? Other artists usually choose
 among  the first 3 to be the album’s carrier single.

In terms of the overall story the album tells, I felt that having Still
Here last made the strongest statement. As you alluded to before it’s
different, not expected and that I think adds to the interest. Also the
theme of Still Here, despite all the dark moments previously on the album
to  end on a bitter sweet note felt like a refreshing end, and leaves the
situation wide open for the follow up! Hope that makes sense!

How do you see yourself now as compared to 5 years ago in terms of
being  an artist and a person.

5 years ago I was a fool! I thought I knew everything but really I knew
nothing. I was arrogant, over competitive and insecure. I’ve grown , as a person and while I think there has always been potential artistically I feel  I’ve really developed this over the last few years.  I’m much happier than I was 5 years ago however I also think I’ve lost that bullish fearless ambition you have a child, which is sometimes necessary to progress in life. Thank you for the unique questions and I’m glad you enjoyed the album!

Album art and packaging for The Doctor's Notes!/profile.php?id=655235528


Thanks to Rupert Burley for the media source.


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