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There is only One Beekeeper

It’s the time of cold windy days and nights. The polar vortex is in the midst of us all. More time is spent indoors when one is not in the office. Keep yourself warm over a cup of hot tea or coffee. Turn the speaker volume up and listen to Canadian singer/songwriter and poet Don Beekeeper. He could be singing about his personal experiences. Or he could be singing about you. The mark of a true artist is being able to transcend experiences, that way listeners can interpret their own feelings to the lyrics.

He maintains a WordPress blog where he writes poems, short stories and post photos. I told him that I find his poems beautiful and sad.

He answered. “They’re not really sad. Or I don’t find them that way. I think people bring more of themselves to an interpretation than they might at first imagine.
I’m glad you enjoy them. It’s good to know someone is reading them.”

I think he is right. We listen to music because of how it makes us feel in a certain way. It’s always subjective interpretation that makes the song interesting. And it goes back to how a songwriter makes it ‘universal.’ I think many people hold back. There is always that reservation especially in how we express ourselves in different people and situations. Most of us are worried about what others might think. Even those who call themselves ‘artists’ have this.

I think maturity teaches a songwriter to leave his insular way of looking at the world and see humanity as one. And in this vision he gains understanding of the universal thing that governs the soul. How do you express understanding towards someone? Is it based on your own personal laws and expectations? Or do you see through his eyes and knows that whatever you give isn’t enough because it is still about you.

Don Beekeeper has moved beyond this. And the candor of his honesty shines in his every song, story and poetry.

You’re the One

Words and Music by Don Beekeeper995384_644165735611718_174073100_n

Been hanging out all night

under the mystic glow of convenience store light

and I’m drinking beer but, hey,

it’s alright.

I can see you coming in.


And we’ve done this all before.

You’re walking in, I’m walking out the door.

And I don’t think we can

care any more.

But there’s still nothing to win.


You better believe that you’re the one.


Give me a six pack, I’ll give you two tens.

Let’s go down to Charlie’s and then

hit the drive-in.

I’ll throw cans at the screen while you

hold that laugh in.

And we’ll all do it again.


released 09 January 2014

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  • “The mark of a true artist is being able to transcend experiences, that way listeners can interpret their own feelings to the lyrics.”

    This is so true, Baxter. 🙂

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