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Moulin Rouge

1 moulin rouge poster

1ab moulin-rouge badge

What do you do when you are in love with someone, who is also in love with you, and there is someone who has more power than your life can wager to gamble on? Nor can the one you love ever know what the trade-off was or that there was a deal.

1b ewan moulin rouge w typewriter

Ewan McGregor as Christian in film Moulin Rouge

1c Satine-Moulin-Rouge beginning

Nicole Kidman as Satine in film Moulin Rouge

1d Satine-Moulin-Rouge

Nicole Kidman as Satine in opening act at the Moulin Rouge

Ah, the romantic city of Paris, the Moulin Rouge club of joy, satisfaction, a good amount of dancing, and a Divine Beauty who sings your heart alight. It is a must they should meet but under circumstances confused and yet complete.

1e moulin-rouge opening number

Moulin Rouge Opening Number

Duke's Table on the Left. Christian's Table on Left watching Satine Perform

Duke’s Table on the Left. Christian’s Table on Right watching Satine Perform

1g love above all things

Toulouse-Lautrec is trying to influence our lead young man and poet/writer [the two blend on purposes] to help create a musical. A group has formed to participate toward their interest and that of the musical. They want our poet, Christian, Ewan McGregor, to write. First though, and most importantly, they need Christian to convince a certain Divine Beauty, Satine, Nicole Kidman [Best Actress Oscar nominee and winner of a Golden Globe for Best Actress  for her role as Satine], to join the cast of the musical.

2a Moulin-Rouge-nicole-kidman seducing who she thinks is duke

Satine seducing Christian on the dance floor

2 Satine-Moulin-Rouge christian in her room at mr

Satine’s room at the Moulin Rouge meeting with Christian who in her mind is another identity

2c satine in black underthings sexy

Satine being the Seductress

3a Moulin-Rouge satine christian

Satine and Christian – No description necessary

They all join Christian at the Moulin Rouge, a club of Tails and gorgeous women, dancers and lots of music, drinking, dancing and having many a rendezvous. Without explanation, not to spoil, Christian and Satine manage to meet and in their first private time together all that was funny that could happen, did happen and much more laughter than that. It’s called mistaken identity. Enough said.

2b satine christian her room she thinks hes duke

Satine with Christian in her room. She still thinks he is someone else

The musical within the film is integral to the story. The man Satine was to meet, the Duke, who is wealthy and makes lots of promises, was being influenced by the Head Guy and MC of the Moulin Rouge, to back the musical he wanted to make starring Satine. The Duke was stubborn. If he made any decision to invest his money, he wanted to hear the story first. Last part of the deal was another deal be included as a prize or there was no deal. The MC agreed. The musical had its backer. It was life, no matter how much pain it would cost.

3e roof christian Satine-Moulin-Rouge

Christian and Satine in her room after opening number

3f Satine-Moulin-Rouge christian

Christian feeling attracted to Satine

Relationships are made and love wafted in the breeze. The central love song, carried a powerfully romantic fervency with it. When first sung, it was done in public with an exchange of secrecy. At the second performance, it was sung openly, and deeply from the heart and soul. In the fever of love, the Romeo and Juliet of struggle, sadness, renewal of vows, that intertwined this love song, “Come What May.” with the fullness of emotions between eternal lovers, is a success. It is their song, filled with their passion.

3b moulin rouge cast

Moulin Rouge cast of misfits appeasing the Duke

2d Satine-Moulin-Rouge wacky crew duke is there

Enter the Duke steaming into Satine’s room while the wacky group hanging with Christian & MC/her boss enter into the activities

Moulin Rouge is a rare love story, told by a writer with a depth of feeling that goes beyond the moon and stretches out to the stars. The music is pulled out of the clouds of today to fill the voices of the past which successfully brings the viewer into the audience at the Moulin Rouge.

3aaa1 Moulin Rouge

Satine singing out

The film makes you feel like an active participant. You cheer, you yell [providing you are not in a theatre at the time], you cry, you laugh, you become overjoyed, and heartbroken, one, two, too many times. But you desire the feelings in the lovers be satisfied. For that to succeed, the lovers need to triumph over Evil. Power. Manipulation. Threat of Death.

3c moulin rouge nicole in red dress as satine

Satine in Red her color when at work as Seductress

3c1 Moulin_Rouge_Satine

Moulin Rouge – Fly Away – Nicole Kidman

3ca Moulin-Rouge on roof satine christian

Satine on roof with Christian later

3caa Satine-Moulin rouge

Satine during a performance Christian is with her

If these words I write intrigue you, I will add, I highly recommend this Baz Luhrman masterpiece. It deserves to be written at the top of your movie list as the next film to watch. Give it lots of asterisks. * * * * * * *

3caaa satine christian roof moulin rouge

Satine and Christian

Enjoy a few brief clip(s) & a trailer. If you decide Yes, Do Please Enjoy the Story & the Show. Entertainment supplied by the cast of “Moulin Rouge.”

3caaaa MoulinRougeNecklace the duke nicole

Duke gives a jeweled Necklace to Satine

3d moulin_rouge singing satine christian on stage

Satine and Christian on Stage singing “Come What May”

4 moulin rouge end shot

Moulin Rouge Closing Number of Stage Show

Come What May – Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman – Moulin Rouge [Baz Luhrman Film]

6 moulin-rouge two lovers ewan nicole costume stage

Christian and Satine performing

6a Satine-Moulin-Rouge christian

Christian and Satine and Cast of Musical

I give Moulin Rouge ! ! ! ! ! Out of FIVE

6aa Satine-Moulin-Rouge christian

Satine and Christian in an serious moment

6b satine christian moulin rouge near the end

Christian and Satine near the ending scene of the Musical

I was told by a certain magical source to be sure I mentioned Her. She wanted to invite anyone who would like to party, Please Bring a Bottle of Absinth, sugar cubes, lots of spoons, short glasses and then and only then would you get the chance to meet her inside the film in her special box. She goes by the Code Name: “Blue Fairy.” I am whispering. It isn’t a good idea to encourage Her and she only thinks she is Her, In actuality, she is actually a shade of green.

3a1 moulin rouge green fairy not blue

Meet the “Green Fairy” or Not – Maybe the Blue Fairy on an Absinthe High

Keep on the alert, Now. She is quite the Fairy but definitely not Blue.

Moulin Rouge – 20th Century Fox Trailer

7 moulin-rouge combo scenes

“The Greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to Love and be Loved in return.”

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  • Oh, I don’t usually like musicals but I make an exception with this one. I saw it in the theatre when it first came out. And I will admit I almost walked out after the first 15 minutes. My best friend and I kept looking at each other and thought it was ridiculous. It was just outrageous. But we waited.
    Then something changed and we were both swept away in the romance of the story.
    Yes, I admit I cry (every time) when the Christian starts singing “Come What May” in a capella as he’s about to leave the theatre….but then again, I am a sucker for Ewan Mcgregor -- long story. 😉
    And one of my favorite lines of all time comes from this film -- “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” -- I almost say it in my head like Toulouse says (screams it) during the production of Spectacular, Spectacular. 🙂

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    • “Come What May” is a beautiful love song. It was silly in the beginning but moves in various emotional directions. The use of the songs from the near present was an interesting approach by Baz Lehrman, a technique he used again in his film, The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. I am a fan of Baz and Leo. And most definitely a fan of Nicole Kidman, melts my heart, and Ewan McGregor, he is near the top of my list for brilliant actors and romantic as the South Seas.

      The line you quoted, and I ended my review with, is by far the best written line ever. I must repeat it. “The Greatest Thing You’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

      Thank you for your insightful comment. 🙂

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  • Cher Duncombe

    I must admit that this is an acclaimed film that I have never seen. Thanks to your wonderful presentation of it, Jennifer, I know I will put this on my must-see list. Great review!

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    • Thank you Cher for your very enthusiastic words. I am delighted I peaked your curiosity. You will have to give me your reaction after you melt into this love story. One cannot but have compassion for Satine and Christian. I feel you with fall in love with this story. The music, some is so Divine, you will be carried away by it. 🙂

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