Kismet Ryding Rocks

Kismet Ryding.

Who are they? How would they describe themselves? The band recently sent me some info, a YouTube link and a few pics. So, I asked them a few questions…

Is your music getting any airplay in the US or Canada?
Do you have any plans to play here in the upcoming months?
What do you believe sets your music apart from any other music available today? How do you describe your distinct sound?

Here’s the response…

Some of us have been partying pretty hard but a quick response to the questions are…

(I love these guys already, even if they never say anything else!) Can’t wait to see how they answer the questions…

We have had limited airplay in the States, usually played on internet or new music shows specialising on the ‘English Scene’. We are penciled in for a live interview on It Matters Radio on the 24th or 31st Jan ( ), ( ) organised through Kenneth Weene.

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We would love to come to the States to play, it would be a privilege, but at the moment we are concentrating on the UK, we recently were featured on Tracey Edges Estuary Radio Show, and getting some new recordings finished, maybe in the future.

Its quite hard to pigeon-hole the genre of our sound, its been described as Retro/Garage/Rock/Britpop so to be different we say its Soulful Punk (lol). We find a lot of modern music to be very same-ish so would like to think that a guitar-based retro band with a modern day kick up the arse, to be somewhat different.

So who is Kisment Ryding?
Kismet Ryding is a four piece band from Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, England consisting of frontman and vocalist Michael Freeman who exudes high octane energy and passion, dancing catatonically and playing a mean air guitar. (Rumor has it he frequently removes his shoes and socks onstage. He is surrounded by brothers Tom Humphreys on bass and Josh Humphreys playing a wicked guitar (Do I hear the influence of the Athens GA jangle, Josh?), along with Jazz White on drums.

Kismet Ryding formed in the kitchen of Tom and Josh in Aug 2009 after a late night jam. The next day Tom and Mike went out and booked the first gig at Gypsy Tears. In the intervening 3 weeks the band wrote eight original tracks, coined the name Kismet Ryding ( Riding fate/ destiny), and have been gigging and writing new material ever since.

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Here’s how Cherry Valentine Music sums up Kismet Ryding…
As Kismet Ryding enter the building they generate a massive buzz, really busy excited crowd and when they start to play it all becomes clear. Totally rockin’ indie tunes coming from these guys and the front man is absolutely nuts, not in a bad way though, in a brilliantly epic way. I can honestly say its been a while since I have seen such a perfect performance from a frontman. He has the crowd hyped up and they are all over the place.
Some really funky bass lines being played and the guitarist is properly into the music he’s performing, really nice to see him have such feel and passion. Some really good tunes, I particularly like the song “Serenity” it has a really cool, catchy and bluesy feel with some great imaginative backing vocals. The bassist’s voice compliments the main singers voice very well, a good contrast from the main shouty, punchy vocals . They sound similar to Kasabian at times but still have their own unique style. You can see a real connection with these guys and its obvious that they love what they do. I see a lot of unsigned indie bands and a lot of them are so similar that they just blend into one and I can’t seem to remember particular band’s performances but these guys have some great songs and I can really see them doing well, with all the “Kismet Ryding” T-shirts and a performance like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it to Reading and Leeds next year.

Kismet Ryding is definitely worth giving a listen. I believe we will be hearing much more from them in 2013. They are too enthusiastic and too talented to be over-looked or ignored. Here’s the links to support them. Cheers guys!

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  • Tracey Edges

    Amazingly talented band. America, grab them while you can…

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  • hsj

    They have a great sound & they are great fun. You gotta love Kismet Ryding. It probably won’t be long before they are grabbed up here.

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  • Fernando Medina

    Great video! These guys rock and I definitely like their style.

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  • Steve Power

    Real talk Real Words Real Artist Real Band
    very good music/video ” it go so ” Jah Bless

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  • Paul R. Hewlett

    Great article and great band. I really, really like them and I can’t say that about too many new bands I hear. Looking forward to them coming to the states.

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  • Baxter Labatos

    I am a fan of surf rock or any kind of melodic rock. Awesome post Hunter and also for the fact that you are musically forward and posting great stuff about cool bands. Happy New Year and a great musical 2013 to you!

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