James Bullard’s Atone: If You Are In The Mood for Garage Rock

West Texas is perhaps a good place to raise a rock musician. Singer-songwrited James Bullard came from that place ( he later on moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to try both music and acting). He landed on a 2002 movie Ken Park. Yeah I remember that jaw-dropping movie, still considered infamous sixteen years later.  He could have made more movies but instead he decided that music will always be the biggest part of his life.

He returned to Texas in 2002, this time relocating to Austin. He states: “I think anywhere you go, you’re going to find what your looking for if you know where to look. Austin just has so many great players, that it’s hard to be in five places at one time! I’ve met and collaborated with such an array of musicians that it’s made me the musician I am today and I’m very grateful to them.”

He performs live every now and then while also recording original music. So far he has released two 5-song  EPs. The latest one is called Atone and the one before that is called Revealer. His music is influenced by his favorite artists however, he reveals that his songs rooted in garage rock. Think of Lenny Kravitz with hints of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. It’s like smooth whiskey that goes down easily sending fire to your veins. Couple that with his powerful vocals and you have something that sounds both classic and new. Songs like This Time, 3AM Drive and I’ve Got Only Love are reminiscent of the 90s alternative rock. Yeah the decade when garage rock was the king and everyone loved real music.

So if you are in a mood rich and robust bluesy rock music, then check out this talented guy by the name of James Bullard.


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James Bullard's Atone: If You Are In The Mood for Garage Rock, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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