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One of Dave’s epic shots. Photo by @simonpilley

I love writing stories about people who inspire others. I think for most part, we get into all sorts of sports for many reasons other than the competitive side. For me it’s(cycling) my way of coping with lethargy on a daily basis.  One day I was browsing various wakeboarding videos on YouTube when I came across Dave Averillo’s channel. I was the middle of my story interview with Irish wakeboarding champion David O’Caoimh at that time. Who is this drone guy? I started following his Instagram posts and the rest is history.

It was the amazing drone shots  along with the humour of his videos that got me hooked. I think he is doing excellent job in winning new converts to the sport by showcasing its many facets other than its competitive aspect in his social media posts. A great lover of music, he has many albums in his music collection. “Too many to list! Absolute favourites would be Neutral Milk Hotel (I was lucky enough to see them twice last year in the UK), Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Aphex Twin, ?-ziq, Squarepusher, Pixies, and lately Father John Misty.”

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Concentration face ???? Getting some shots down at @southcoastwakepark Photo courtesy of Dave’s Instagram account. 

Born in England, Averillo loves to read, travel and devote his time flying his drones to capture those flips, and spins.”I’m starting to get half decent at drone flying/filming now and have been really enjoying that. Looking to get more in to the FPV (first persion view) side of it this year… provided I can find the time!”

So how did he exactly get into wakeboarding? “A bit of a random one… a friend of my girlfriend asked if I wanted to come along and try it one day. This was behind a boat, and I loved it. But I didn’t get fully obsessed until I rode cable about a year later. That was a year and a half ago now and I haven’t looked back since!” He is enthusiastic in promoting the sport and all things physical (one of his pet peeves is people who walk slowly). His advice to people who want to try wakeboarding?”DO IT! Haha. Seriously though, if you’re thinking about it at all then just go for it. It’s great for your fitness and ridiculously good fun. And much easier than you might think! Most people get hooked from the moment they get up on a board – there’s just no feeling like it.”

Only over a year and a half into wakeboarding yet he is already a sponsored athlete. So how does one get sponsors? “It probably goes without saying, but training hard is by far the most important thing. Brands sponsor athletes because they want to be associated with a certain level of performance, so you need to make sure you’re at that level. But it’s also key to make sure your name is out there, and we’re very lucky to live in an age where anyone can post their achievements on social media and reach all the right people, regardless what sport or industry.”

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Drone: Ready for the shots.

Right now he is concentrating on the promotional aspect of the sport and he also realized the challenges along the way. “I try to get to as many different wake parks as possible, to challenge myself with different layouts etc. The people you meet mean that all of them are memorable in their own way!”

We get all the positive side of what he does but is there also a downtime? “From a wakeboarding perspective I don’t think it’s ever been a struggle – I would ride every day if my body would let me. That’s why it’s so important to find something you are passionate about, because the motivation is just there. Far easier said than done though I appreciate…For everything else, there’s strong coffee.”

Wakeboarding is gaining momentum in the British isles. He thinks that the wake community is really supportive and the people are good to work with. 2017 is a big year. I asked about his goal for this year. “Stay injury free for a start! I’ve got a few tricks in mind that I really want to nail this season, and I’m hoping to get some decent competition results.”



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