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After savoring her sumptuous performance as Hannibal Lecter’s therapist Dr Bedelia Du Maurier, fans (including yours truly) are trying to control their sizzling nerves. Yes, she is returning for season 2 of Hannibal. For a quiet serial killer like Dr Lecter, it makes you wonder what kind of therapist he sees. Even mad men get lonely. It has to be someone in his level of wit. Because we all know what happens when Hannibal gets bored. He eats his victims.

Anderson’s portrayal of Dr Du Maurier is mysterious. She could be a monster hiding inside a human suit. But it is too soon to tell if she is not-so-good or totally bad. We will see as the show progresses. Du Maurier is cold and composed, speaking in an almost angelic tone. She and Lecter get along well. She even eats the meals he cooks(and we all know what they are made of) with words of appreciation like” Be careful Hannibal, people are beginning to see your patterns.”

I think I am one of those fascinated young adults in the 90s when the X-Files first aired. For the first time, I witnessed a woman investigating unnatural events and not ‘a bimbo running in heels.’ My favorite scenes involve those where she performs autopsies and of course shooting and kicking the asses of bad guys. I learned that she traded her purple hair and nose ring for power suits just to play agent Dana Scully. And she played it well that after decades I don’t think anyone could fill her shoes.
I hope to see more of Gillian Anderson beyond Hannibal, although I think I am beginning to be a fan of her role as Dr Bedelia Du Maurier.

With David Duchovny in The X-Files playing FBI Agent Dana Scully

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  • I have not seen this series, Baxter, but did like Anderson in the X files. I was an investigator in heels too! But I did not investigate in her area of expertise. Scully was a good character.

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  • Finally! A true to life Clarice Starling/Dana Scully. Makes me want to mimic Hannibal’s voice and demeanor when I say ” Tell me Cher, what inhumanity have those eyes witnessed in the line of duty?” 😀

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