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“Wrapped” delves into the clash between civilization and nature. The short explores the effects of time and change focusing on the the worlds seemingly never ending cycles. The deterioration of one is the foundation for another. This fact takes on new dimensions when the unexpected forces of nature clash with the existing structures of our civilization.

2 wrapped a rat has begun the process of turning green causing a spreading of whatever he carried

“Wrapped” in my interpretation, is the plants way of reclaiming the Earth in their own deconstructive restructuring way. Returning what once was nature to its rightful place in the order of things. Death leads to a rebirth in the most unexpected manner.

3 wrapped-cinematic-animated short film

Watch. Try not to predict what will happen. You won’t be able to see what’s coming. What a surprise. A righteous conclusion. Seemed only justified and I am one of those humans who occupy this planet that is headed for self destruction if things don’t change. Speaking of the present time.

4 wrapped in the transition of becoming green human wipe-out

We are letting our world decay. The infrastructure is on the edge of collapse yet no one does a thing. No matter the pleading from those who realize this but can’t get any action from the other side’s co-operation. Don’t even get me started.

5 Wrapped a cinematic animated short film directed by-roman-kalin, falko paeper and florian wittmann made in 2016

If what happens in WRAPPED ever did, humans of the order of could-care-less, I don’t believe in global warming or climate change. They wouldn’t heed the warnings.

Watch. Be surprised but understand the thinking and the ramifications. It could happen and it just might.

6 wrapped from space earth is covering over in green

A short film that will capture your attention and you will watch as though a ballet or the end of the film V for Vendetta. The 1812 Overture should be playing in the background. – kiley



“Wrapped” is a graduation short film from Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, created at the Institute of Animation. “Wrapped” is a VFX driven short film by Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper and Florian Wittmann that combines Time Lapse Photography with CG to create a new reality.

After running at over 100 festivals world wide and winning numerous awards the film is finally online.
– LA Shorts Fest / Best Experimental / 2014 / USA
– Siggraph CAF / Best Student Project) / 2014 / Canada
– Animago Award / Best Young Production / 2014 / Germany
– ISFVF Peking Film Academy / Bronze Award / 2014 / China
– Festival of Beijing / Outstanding Technical Achievement / 2014 / China
– The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival / First Place, College Competition / Animation / 2014 / USA
– Cinemaiubit International Student Film Festival Bucharest / Best Experimental Film / 2014 / Romania
– VES Awards / Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project / 2015 / USA
– Next Generation Short Tiger / 2015 / Germany
– ArtFutura / 3D ArtFutura Show Award / 2014 / Brazil
– XVIII Guanajuato International Film Festival / Mention Short Animation / 2015 / Mexico

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