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Film View: Tombes & Manèges (2015)

#1 entrance to graveyard poster

It’s Tim Burton meets French animation in a graveyard setting. The gravedigger is a burly man and his companion is his young son with dark circles surrounding his eyes. Off in the distance a spectacular display excites the young lad. He wants to experience something as delightful. The gravedigger seeing the down turned mouth and eyes filled with angry disappointment, he tries to fulfill a joy in the young boy and put a smile on his face.

His attempts aren’t exactly met with any enthusiasm, no matter how hard the gravedigger attempts to come up with inventive entertainment.

#2 gravedigger trying to entertain a young boy

But out of nowhere, a surprise occurs which carries the young boy and the gravedigger to overwhelming heights. What occurs you must see from watching this short French film. There is no dialogue to hear or subtitles to read, only the joy of watching the dream coming true for a young boy who didn’t see many like this one.

Watch until the end. Take a deep breath and remember the wonders of a child finding a moment of happiness. It will make you sigh and smile and maybe make you recall having some of the same desires.

A film which will warm your heart. The surroundings aren’t what make the film. It is what is inside the heart of the gravedigger and viewer alike. You will leave this film feeling more deeply touched inside. How could you not be. I recommend it. It may be shorter than usual but it fills the screen with emotions.


Tombes & manèges (2015) – ISART DIGITAL

Tombs & rides (2015)
3D Animation Short Film
Project Graduation
School: ISART DIGITAL, school video game and 3D-animated FX
In his isolated cemetery, a gravedigger was a little out, trying to entertain his son in a rather far-fetched …
Cinema 3D Animation: Nicolas Albrecht, Jeremiah Auray, Alexandre Garnier, Anthony Giuliani, Sandrine Normand, Amber Pochet and Marc Visintin
Music & Sound Design: Guillaume Bonneau, Arthur Bouflet Julien Cautru Florian Desnoyers and Régis-Pol Maisonnave
Animated shorts
Graduation Film
School: ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School
In His isolated cemetery, a boorish gravedigger tries to amused her in a silly way … Rather.
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