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A father and son work together, their own company truck and an official sign designating they are professionals. They are heading to their first job of the day at 10AM. His father decided today was going to be the first day his son will solo, but his father would give his supervision just to be sure all is accomplished in good order.

They are not completely alone. There is a woman from the office to assure efficiency and a timely expectation of the order the customer wants completed. In the 10AM job the paperwork needs to be signed. She reminds the guys of this, quite annoyingly, over the father’s mobile phone. Her pushing is to remind them of the essential need to hold promises between demand and services.

This is an unusual short film. It has its twisted turns and unexpected surprises. Watch carefully so not to miss a thing. No detail should be left out of your imagination. The filmmaker has a marvelous sense of humor. Fits well with the viewers wanting to know exactly what’s going to happen. Curiously, the work is rewarding for some. They have many satisfied customers.

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The actors cast as the father and son are perfect and carry off their roles with total believability. Just sit back, open to full screen, volume up. Aeron and Sons speak calmly and softly as they proceed through their work. And opening to full screen will give a more rewarding experience. It will keep you, the viewer, from missing anything. I will warn you there is a unique surprise hidden within this film that will either make you laugh or go WTF, but it’s all in fun for some and for others, I think they might not care much for the surprises. Which are you?

I recommend THE 10AM film which was made in the UK, directed by Colin O’Toole. It is an amusing and well told story. It builds up to the pinnacle well, serving the punchline with a perfect finesse. For me it was a wonderfully surprising Hoot! I give it 5 snaps and a twist. – jk

PS. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

THE 10AM by Colin O’Toole

Rating: PG-13 MATURE
Genre: Dark Comedy
Written and Directed by Colin O’Toole
Music: Graham Massey
Short Film: 13m 34s

Cast: (In order of appearance)
Frankie Wilson
Martin Serene
Linda Broughton (Voice)
Wendy Nottingham
Huggy Lever
Moses Adejimi
Lorn Mayers

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