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Tricky but human. Trying to be “normal.” How is normal defined? It isn’t something I am familiar with. All of us are different. Just like snowflakes. In the short film “Keep the Change,” the story opens at what appears to be a collective of people participating in a Group Therapy or Interaction type of mode. Two people are singled out in my mind, to show how they would react to the other.

The scene changes and the young woman and man are sharing time together in a public place. The way in which they attempt to understand one another shows the appearances, if you are familiar, with autism spectrum. Discomfort is aroused in the form of bewilderment with other people near them. Ignorance is born. What occurs following this scene, is a view into the inner part of the outside world showing through.

A need for understanding difference is felt by this observer. Behavior, because you may not expect it, is not a reason to make assumptions and walk away from reaching out. Watch this film and look inside a fictional view of the world of autism spectrum and how two people can find care for one another. Showing a sensitivity and an open-ness that reveals the possibility of an inner trust in another.

I found this film compelling and educational. And a deeper view in autism spectrum.

The filmmakers want to make a feature length version of the film “Keep the Change.” [see below for links]. I hope they succeed. I positively would want to see it. As I recommend to all the viewing of this shorter version. Loving It! jk <3

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The following piece was written by the filmmaker:
“KEEP THE CHANGE is a love story written for and starring adults on the autism spectrum. When David, an upper-class charmer is forced to attend a support group for people with autism, he meets a young woman who challenges his identity as “normal”. Eventually, David must choose between his playboy persona and the opportunity to make a real connection with someone who can understand him.”

Now that sounds like a film to watch.! I hope you get the warm feeling I did while watching “Keep the Change.” Watch the film, also, to find out what is the significance of the title.

Keep the Change – Rachel Israel

Length: 15m 59s
Rated: PG
Writer and Director…Rachel Israel.

Awards Won:
The Columbia University Film Festival’s Focus Features Best Film Award
The Alumni Award
The Arthur J. Harris Memorial Prize

It has screened at Festivals Worldwide.

Principal cast:
Brandon Polansky…as David
Samantha Elisofon…as Young Woman

If you liked this film – help us make the feature version here:


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