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Film View: “005 Jumpers”

#1 005 Jumpers poster

WARNING: LANGUAGE (worthy of George Carlin)

A good tagline for ‘005 Jumpers’: “One way or another, Paul is getting Cody off the roof.”

If comedy noir with blasting Englishmen, a young gay male, suicide, life confessions, and celebrating the 4th of July with bombs bursting in air (fireworks), this is just the short film for you.

The stage opens in entire blackness. I thought my Windows 10 had screwed up my browser again. It was actually the film. So be sure to make a note, nothing is broken. The darkness lasted nearly 5o seconds, which in film time seems forever. Then out of the dark, intensely firing dialogue and explosions are the first sounds we hear. Those 50 seconds of a black screen hide the actors from us, until the first actor appears climbing up a ladder onto the roof. The sarcastic dialogue between the stressed out characters continue— Paul, the angry uncle and Cody, the suicidal young male. Their dark silhouettes along the skyline is all you see of the two. No direct look at their faces. It’s not necessary at this point. Their feelings are expressed through their voices. It wasn’t until approximately 4 minutes into the film do we look upon Paul and Cody’s faces. They become more real and we become even more concerned with the circumstances that bring them to the rooftop.

I become angry at the manner in which Paul speaks to Cody. It feels cold and uncaring. But deep inside, the emotions are welling up in them both. The uncle acts like an ass and his nephew is just pleading for his life. More though to be let go, to jump and finish it all. The uncle really isn’t that callous as you follow the journey of the film as it evolves into an almost tear-jerking twist towards the end when heartfelt revelations begin flowing from the mouths of them both.

#2 Paul talking with Cody on edge of roof

I was moved so much by “005 Jumpers,” I watched it several times. Never having seen anything quite like it. It touches one’s soul. It feels genuine and real. I must admit, at first viewing, I had the misconception that the older man was a trained copper trying in a back-asswards-way of talking down someone who is suicidal, and also on the edge of a roof. The city of lights being viewed off behind them. Cody was walking the tightrope of the edge and you hear Paul yelling at him. I was sure he was screwing it all to hell and back.

It is a worthy film to see for several reasons. The excellence of the film is one, but the sensitivity of the characters and the actors playing them so brilliantly. A theatre scene created excellently and made so real, you thought you were seeing the real thing. That is the convincing way in which this ‘one take film’ expresses an illusion of reality.

I didn’t know about the film makers before watching “005 Jumpers.” Their work is amazing and surprising once you discover their philosophy. I include it following the film view itself. Do read. It is fascinating. If you are into watching and/or the making of films you will be impressed by the philosophy of making the filmmaking the center of the project and leaving the ego behind.

Here is a brief statement, I rewrote in shorter form, explaining a touch of what “Takeaway Scenes” stand for:

Many short film projects are created to get a director’s name in the public eye, whereas Takeaway Scenes is entirely anonymous. The productions and all involved shun credit. It fits with the complete series’ experimental nature. Their idea of cinema as a collaborative medium; ‘community rather than ego.’

005 Jumper – By Anonymous – Takeaway Scenes (an original script)


”Creating without claiming,
Doing without taking credit,
Guiding without interfering,
This is Primal Virtue.”


A “takeaway scene” is a single-take scene which prioritizes the rehearsal process, character exploration, and creating a safe environment devoted to the performers above all else. Although anonymous, the Takeaway community expands with every scene. We are a growing family exploring the human condition.


I. Scenes are composed of 2-5 actors, no exceptions.
II. Scene scripts must be adapted from a stageplay or originally written.
III. Scenes must be filmed in a single continuous take. No cuts. No cheating.
IV. Camera submits to the performers. It should not inflict itself upon them.
V. Film lights are prohibited. Only natural lighting or practicals allowed (e.g. a lamp, a fire, car headlights).
VI. Participating actors must write their own character backstories.
VII. After shooting, the favored take must be selected within 24 hours with the actors present to review takes if they desire and are available.
VIII. No music may be added in post.
IX. There will never be credits for anyone involved. Participants will never publicly reveal or acknowledge their own involvement with a scene, or release any information that would reveal anyone else’s involvement with the Takeaway Scenes project.
X. Scenes will only be featured on official Takeaway Scenes channels with a distinct number/word moniker.


I. Honesty is king.
II. Perfection does not exist. There is only experimentation.
III. There are no schedules, regular events, or deadlines. There are only scenes, and the people crazy enough to make them.

Inquiries or info on submitting scenes:

(I am NOT affiliated with Take Away Scenes and Anonymous – just fascinated with their philosophy and film making, and felt it was worthy of being shared). Jk

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