Film Review: “TSUME” – A Short Film

“TSUME” will be published on ‘the secret keeper’ on Friday the 3rd of October 2014

Tsume-image of two young girls at sub station


“TSUME” is an Animated/Horror Film about a young japanese girl who accidentally kills her classmate. It is not clear what has her feeling so suspicious. The film makers state below they feel she is feeling disgusted by her own appearance. This may be true in their minds. I see someone paranoid. Judge for yourself after you view the short film “TSUME.”

It is evident to me as I watch that she definitely deserves to pay for what she has done but what should her punishment be? This film is about much more than an accidental death.

The animation is extremely well done & brilliantly creative. It is, also, clear that the spook factor is in effect. I suppose it depends on the viewer what level of HORROR one would rate the experience of viewing “TSUME”

Give the film a look & a chance. I am not partial to having a film scare me yet I watched in shocked emotions, stating OMG & other superlatives. WHOA!!! It was scary & well developed as the students graduation assignment. It is brilliantly done & a piece of Art as a Short Film. BOO!!! Watch Out for the Ending. It’s just a friendly warning not at all meant to be a SPOILER. Out! Out! Damned Spot!!!

“TSUME” – A Short Film [Animated/Horror] 6m 29s

“TSUME” was made as their assignment for a graduation film. They describe their film with the following statement: “A young japanese girl accidentally kills her classmate because she is disgusted by her appearance. She’s going to pay for her crime…”

The film makers are:
Co-directed by David Broner, Kevin Cordier-Royer, Tristan Jaegly, Vincent Touache, Chien-Chang Wu, Jake Delamare
Music by Slava Pogorelsky

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Film Review: "TSUME" - A Short Film, 9.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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  • Larry Conley


    I firmly believe that excessive concern with appearance is truly a potential source of horrific events. If the movie makers were trying to highlight this then kudos to them. Thanks for bring this to my attention! I am going to try and look into it.

    I believe there are recognizably beautiful people in the world. I appreciate them as I do all beauty, but I do not believe there are truly physically ugly people in the world. True human ugliness is a matter of behavior and character, not physical appearance. Nonetheless, concern with how one looks is a scourge that especially, as far as I can ascertain, afflicts women.

    Thanks again,


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  • jennifer kiley


    Your thoughts on appearance is so accurate. Beauty is truly seen from inside our own inner vision. Art is subjective as well as how one appear to others. I, personally, love being natural. When growing up as a kid, seeing myself the way others saw me was painful. They couldn’t see ME. They saw what was external, not the way I looked, but who they thought I was. No one knew me then. Now I don’t allow very many people in. Animals are much more accepting & understanding.

    If I described myself, this is not ego, but I think I would be attracted to what I saw, particularly, what I saw in my eyes. A psychotherapist, I recently worked with for a special reason, told me I was a very sensitive person & easily crushed by disillusionment. I feel very protective of people who are treated badly by others, especially by bullies. It is usually the treatment of bullies, judging appearances & degrading those who didn’t look the perfect beauty of the cheerleader or quarterback of the football team. The Nerds, the Intelligent Ones, the one who was different, maybe even an artist. They were having daily pressure applied to try & break their spirit. Some ended up committing suicide. Appearances. Does that kid look Gay. They are called “Queer.” I had no idea what that word meant when I was a kid but I heard it thrown around too often. I gladly accept that word today. I claim it as my own, as others who are LGBTQ that feel strongly about their identity.

    Beautiful does not only afflict women, it causes great pain in young boys who don’t look strong & do not play sports or wear the right kind of cloths. Being naked even though clothed is what causes the despair in girls & boys & eventually the women & men they become. I did it all. I played sports. I was in the theatre. I did music. I wrote fiction & poetry. I loved painting. I didn’t fit in any one particular group. I had the wrong parents who did harm & no healing.

    To die because of what others think of you is horrible but it happens. The ugliness is in the minds of those people who degrade any person who is different. We all are different but some people who blend themselves together in order to claim power over others, they are dangerous & often in charge. There is propaganda out there that has been spreading like a plague for everyone to look like this created ideal self that couldn’t ever possibly exist. But that is what many think if they strive for & reach this ideal in themselves, they will finally be accepted & will feel like Gods & Goddesses, untouchable & better than anyone else.

    I like & prefer finding the real me & trying to accept who ever that person is & to keep growing. And not to judge others for how they appear on the outside.

    I will debate & try to stop anyone who tramples on my freedoms, but I will not judge anyone for who they are deep inside, unless they are evil, in the sense of being harmful to others in dangerous or manipulative ways, tyrants, bullies & those out to destroy all that I hold dear. That is an extensive list.

    Thank you once again Larry for waking up my inner fighter who uses words to awaken the sleeping mind into an awareness of Truth from out of the secrets we all seek to hide away in the darkness. I look for a way to turn the light on the dark & the shadows.

    Thank you again, also, Larry. You know just the perfect words to stimulate my mind. Sometimes my response may seem delayed but My Muse words in mysterious ways.


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  • Alliah Jhonson

    hi, what is the title of the song that used in/on Tsume? i love that song

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