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In the winter of the 1952, the law of Britain entered the home of war hero Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch), to investigate a break in and burglary. He dismissed them. But one of the detectives felt there was more to the situation. He thought Soviet Spy and began looking into it. It turned out Alan wasn’t a spy but instead he was arrested on the charges of “Indecency” and convicted of the criminal offense of homosexuality. They had no idea who Alan Turing was and what he had accomplished during WWII. He was the pioneer to creating the modern day computing.

During WWII, Alan Turing, a mathematician, cryptanalyst, and genius, was brought together with a group of scholars with the knowledge of linguistics, chess champions, crossword puzzlers, and intelligence officers. With their help, Alan Turing was to work on cracking the unbreakable codes of Germany’s World War II Enigma machine. Very Hush Hush. Top Secret.


Throughout the film, we jump into different time periods, learning about Alan’s younger days how alone he was except for one friend around his age. It’s impossible not to feel the loneliness he must have felt, and add the bullying from those around him at school who couldn’t handle just how different Alan Turing was. His one friend was supportive and the two were inseparable.

imitation_game young alan turing

We jump to the future after the war and learn of the monstrous illegality of being homosexual. It was punishable by severe means. Alan’s choice was to stay out of prison but what he chooses instead is abominable. We then find ourselves in the midst of WWII where Alan is attempting to learn how to be open with the others he needs if he was ever to develop the machine he felt would break the code.

imitation when turing is on hormones ordered by court to curb gay feelings

Alan Turing was a genius and lived mostly in his head. He did connect with Joan Clarke (Kiera Knightly) from the beginning. Their relationship started out strong and she was hands on in helping him to work through his thoughts and she loved him in a non-sexual way. But Alan didn’t relate well with any of the others until Joan gave him some ideas how to break through the wall between himself and the rest of the team.

imitation with turing machine they are working on

There is a constant building of tension and release. The characters are all brilliant in their development. “The Imitation Game” is a thriller and an important film which brings to light the injustices in the world. Alan Turing, after saving over 14,000,000 people from dying in WWII, is arrested for being a homosexual and he is criminally punished.

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Not until recently did the Queen give Alan Turing a posthumous Royal Pardon. But there are places where if you are LGBT, you are not just jailed, you can be beheaded. In the USA, several states are trying to add laws under the guise of “Religious Liberty” to discriminate and deny Equality. Religions who do not show tolerance should be ashamed. Equality for All, that is the right way for things to be. The war hero Alan Turing and so many others were persecuted. Until there is no discrimination for LGBT or for any Race, Women, Class, Belief System, there will not be Equality. And without Equality for All there is no Freedom.

the_imitation_game_behind every code there is an enigma

“The Imitation Game” is a brilliant film. I highly recommend it and give this film 5***** stars out of 5*. I do not believe you will be disappointed. It has an incredible cast and the director, Morten Tyldum born in Norway, created a sensitive and moving vision. The writer, Graham Moore, presented us with an adaptation of thrilling and compelling storytelling. It illicits emotional conflicts from anger to joy to frustration.

imitation MI6 & Alan Turing

One wonders how and why some people are placed in the position of authority and decision making. They don’t seem to have a fix on what is the wisest way to proceed. They seem to always want to destroy anything they don’t understand and they have no idea how to let genius work. “All In Good Time My Pretty.” There is one person in authority who does get it, thankfully, who encourages the Enigma Team to proceed and to hopefully succeed.

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“The Imitation Game” was worthy of its many Oscar Nominations. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance was Award Winning. I hope you decide it is a film you want to see. If I didn’t mention, it is based on a true story. Brilliant, Enlivening, Sad, and True.


The answer to this and more is in the film.

The Imitation Game – Official Trailer – The Weinstein Company

Rating: PG-13 (for some sexual references, mature thematic material and historical smoking)
Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Drama
Directed By: Morten Tyldum
Written By: Graham Moore
On DVD: Mar 31, 2015
Runtime: 1 hr. 54 min.
The Weinstein Company

Benedict Cumberbatch . . . . . Alan Turing

Keira Knightley . . . . . . . . . . . Joan Clarke

Matthew Goode . . . . . . . Hugh Alexander

Charles Dance . .  .Commander Denniston

Alex Lawther . . . . . . . Young Alan Turing

Mark Strong (II) . . . . . .  Stewart Menzies

Allen Leech . . . . . . . . . . John Cairncross

Rory Kinnear . . . . Detective Robert Nock

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  • Larry Conley

    This movie almost broke my heart. I person of brilliance and profound courage whose actions are a principal reason about 15 million people lived rather than died was destroyed by the benighted actions of an ignorant and ungrateful nation. The cast did a marvelous job of telling this epic tale of triumph and tragedy.

    Another splendid review, Jennifer. I have walked passed the BluRay a half dozen times because I am working up the courage to watch this again and see a true hero treated so much worse than he genuinely deserved.


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    • jennifer kiley

      England was quite mean when it came to homosexuality. Solving the problem of the Enigma Code was such a deep secret, I wonder if it was kept quiet after the war whether it would have changed Alan Turing’s fate. He was an amazing genius and definitely a Hero of high proportions. The film makes me angry and upset that such horrible things could happen. The war was bad enough. But the life Alan Turing lived sounded like a torturous place from youth until the end of his life. He did have a few people who cared. I am so impressed with his persistent endeavors to push on until he reached the goal he set for himself. I will watch again but with just a touch of time in between. Love Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance. Next will be Stephen Hawking & The Theory of Everything. Plan on reviewing it in the near future. Will see who deserved the Best Actor. BC looked terribly Good. 😉

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