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Film Review: Paris Je T’aime

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Paris Je T’aime

Vignettes of an assortment of people who meet in Paris. Some for the first time, fall in love. Some who have spent lives together and now are ending those lives together.

To me it was a way of connecting to the city I love. Just to touch the beauty. Why anyone would want to harm such beauty is pure madness. There is no decadence, only people connecting to something eternal. Paris represents a lengthy history of Royalty through Revolution, through madness, to a city the world is drawn to for their own reasons. Usually for art, love, something even deeper, not that there are things deeper than art and love, but for so many, Paris lives in their heart. Je Suis Paris. – jk

Paris Je T’aime Official Trailer

Genre…Comedy, Drama, Romance
Released…15 June 2007 (USA)

A new vignette is introduced every five minutes, connected subtly by the previous, each one presented by a new director; with wide assortment of actors portraying the characters.

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Nous Sommes Avec Paris

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  • Larry Conley

    Tank you, Jennifer!

    I am sharing this with my friend who went to graduate school in Paris. She felt the same personal connection as you express. My son was there a few months ago and remarked on how beautiful the city is.

    Watch for my essay: We Are All French Now. It will be up in hours!

    Hope you are well; you are as always in my thoughts!


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    • Thank you Larry. We Are All French Now, is a great title. I will try to catch up over the weekend reading your posts. jk

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