Film Review: “Hands of Bresson” A Short Film

A look at hands in films. They are so different one pair to the next. When focusing on one item we often forget to notice others more fully. But in Hands of Besson the Hands tell the story, positive or negative, black and white and in color.

In this collection of running images from scenes in motion pictures, the hands come alive. Each image is seem more tactile & filled overflowing with sensuality.

hands 1

When I write a scene where the hands are part of the action, they often take on an arousing awareness.

One often seeks the touch of another.

Touch is often actualized by the hand or sometimes other parts of the body. But the hand comes in with the first wave when we think of how we touch. Yet, it could be any part of the body or an inanimate object.

hands 4

Even so there would still be some sort of sensation activated & eyes hypnotized by the movement we so casually overlook. I know I am guilty. It is so difficult sometimes to catch every subtlety the artist is projecting through their creation, whether subconsciously or actively presented.

hands 2

This video awakens our awareness & sensitivity to all of what hands are able to accomplish. It a most lovely & sensual way to notice hands by showing us only scenes where hands are the main characters. <3 jkm

Hands of Bresson from Kogonada

A visual essay on the tactile world of Robert Bresson created for the Criterion Collection. //

Music: Schubert, Piano Sonata No. 20, D. 959 (Au Hasard Balthazar

hands 3

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“Hands of Bresson” will appear on the secret keeper on 10/24 14


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