Deliciously Demonic Goodness: Constantine (TV series)


I confess I have not read the comic book version. My foray into the Constantine universe was through the 2006 movie starring Keanu Reeves. That became my basis for this TV series starring Welsh actor Matt Ryan. This is a show developed by television writer and executive producer Daniel Cerone. He is the same guy who gave us Charmed, Dexter and The Mentalist. 

Constantine follows the adventures of John Constantine, a dark magician with a messed up past. I am talking about mental health issues among other things. These are stuff that make him a character with great depth. Matt Ryan plays him well in the pilot episode aired recently through NBC. Unlike the stoic portrayal of Keanu Reeves, Matt Ryan appears to be very animated. I can’t say this is the kind of Constantine I really like right away…perhaps it is a typical reaction of an introvert when dealing with a hyperactive child. But I think he won me over when the credits rolled. He is one great actor!

The series opens with Constantine undergoing psychiatric treatment. In the facility, he witnessed a supernatural incident that made him decide to do what he is supposed to do: save the world from demonic beings. I think this is not the kind of show for people who are squeamish for there are scenes of gore and violence. You will also witness demonic possessions with objects becoming animated and end up killing people.

Lucy Griffiths spices up the show with her portrayal of Liv Aberdine. Her character comes up naive in the first half of the show, but later gain that toughness.  Liv has the power to see ghosts with the help of a charmed object she inherited form her father. Other important characters are:

Harold Perrineau as Manny, an angel and the guardian angel of Constantine.

Charles Halford as Chas Chandler, the best and oldest friend of John Constantine. He is good natured and doesn’t talk a lot.

I know there will be more characters that will be introduced as the series progresses. So I will be watching out for more demonic goodness!

If you are curious, please watch the trailer below.


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  • Melody Haislip

    Baxter, you have piqued my interest for sure. I think I’ll give this one a try. However, if it’s Too bloody, I won’t last. I really miss “Joan of Arcadia”, with Amber Tamblyn. Most people probably won’t even remember it, but it was an excellent show.

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