“Dark Noir” — A Short Film


“Dark Noir” is an animated short film. Fictional. A dark story about a thief. One who steals priceless possessions of the intangible kind. Technically, not completely intangible. A detective of mysterious qualities takes on the case of an artist who claims someone has stolen something of his that was priceless beyond money.

You need to use your imagination in this one. These are the only clues I will give you.

The creator/originator of the concept of “Dark Noir” is a graphic novelist. His story is fascinating. His images superbly created. Being Film Noir, it is dark and seedy. Bar rooms with rough people are the characters the detective has to confront.

I hesitated many times before I decided to watch “Dark Noir” for the first time. What a surprise I was given. An intelligent treat of animation and uniqueness firmly present in the storytelling. A very imaginative concept for a story line. Loved the creative magic that fills each frame of “Dark Noir.” My hope is you will watch and see the same mystical elements and be amazed when a short film can feel so fulfilling.

The Artist Rafael Grampá, a Graphic Novelist, with support from Absolut co-created this animated short film with unleashed imaginations of Facebook fans from all over the world. With all of the input, Grampá and his animation team transformed the suggestions received, into the animated film “Dark Noir.” It premiered on MADE Berlin March 2014.



Here, I Give You: “Dark Noir”

“Dark Noir” from Gillian Glendinning

Please enjoy the video below where you will be able to watch the inspiration and creative process of “Dark Noir” being developed. Listen in on the Artist discussing his work in progress.

Absolut and Rafael Grampá collaborate in creating “Dark Noir”

Will be posting the videos on ‘the secret keeper’ Friday 16th May 2014. The written content is different.

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