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Rich harmonies and dulcet melodies for discriminating ears! Produced by one of the best sound guys in Canada.

Around June of 2014, Layne Greene decided to get serious with his musical career and worked on what has now become his official debut album “Everywhere Around Here.” He has releases prior to this, but working with producer Dale Murray is a big step in his creativity. Here’s a brief chat I had with him today about his new album.

1. You must be excited that Everywhere Around Here is finally out!

Im very excited!! It’s been a long year working on it, and as fun as it’s been I’m glad to be finished with a lot of the behind the scenes stuff.

2.What’s the story behind the title of the album?

Performing with his band.

Performing with his band.

I really wish there was a good story behind it, but it’s a line from the third track “Look Out”. The line goes “Everywhere around here it bends and it folds, but one of us needs to be meek and one bold”, I felt like it fit with the mood of the album, and I’m rather fond of how that particular song turned out so I wanted to reference it again somewhere.

3.There are nine songs. I heard all of them and they are all fantastic! How long did it take for you and your musicians to record and decide which ones go to the album? 

Picking the tunes was actually a pretty easy process! I initially recorded demos of about 20 songs and sent them to Dale to see which 9 he thought would work well. We did a little back and forth but wound up with the 9 that made the cut pretty quickly. The actual recording took most of the summer, but we were only able to record on weekends since I was working full time through the week. It was something like 5 days of serious tracking, then maybe another 5 or 6 of just playing with the songs to see what we could add to them. Dale did a lot of work through the week while we weren’t in the studio to speed up the process though, which definitely made it easier.

4.Look Out is your debut single. There is also an interesting video out. What’s the story behind the video?

To be honest I’m not really sure! My friend Andy (who runs the Eventide Art Hub) wrote and directed the video, and I think he pulled the idea from a script he had written previously for a short film that he never got a chance to use. I really like how it turned out, my favourite part is when it flips into reverse and the snow starts going back up into the sky.

5.I noticed a lot of dense vocal harmonies and amazing instrumental solos. This is not a typical acoustic folk album as you also introduced elements of Jazz, Pop..the Beatles…So it is eclectic. How did your producer Dale help you in shaping the sound of this album?1544301_1070379922989239_4029488644023763104_n

Dale did a lot to shape the sound I think, the first thing a good friend of mine said when I told him I’d be working with Dale was that he has a really unique “sound” as a producer, and I definitely agree with that! Dale’s really easy to work with, I think he’s really good at hearing the end result before you’ve even started tracking.

6.You have a distinct sound. I know you’ve been doing this for years. What drives that sense of staying on the path despite everything that happened, good or bad? 

I think it’s gotten to a point where Bryan, Alex and I have all been making music together for so long that when I’m writing, I’m thinking a bit about how they’re going to play. Especially with Bryan, my writing has evolved a bit to leave him a lot of space to do his thing. I think that having this framework in mind all the time musically has made it pretty easy to stay on the path, I’ve never felt a huge need to deviate from it.

7.I love Quiet Places. It has that really good pop vibe. The drums are amazing. You probably found this as a challenging experience the first time since you’ve always like complicated stuff.

Quiet Places is an interesting song for me. It’s the only song on the album that really has a guitar “part”, it was actually one of the last things we added. I was in sitting through the mix session with Dale and he thought we should try something on his 12 string rickenbacker. I think that part lends a bit of that 60’s pop sound to the song!

8.What do we expect from you this year?

A lot of things!! We’re just getting started on planning more shows for the summer/fall season. Probably quite a bit more content as far as videos go, I sort of took the last year off from everything just to focus on getting the album ready, but I’m definitely ready to dive into it again!

9.Where can listeners buy the album?

The album can be found on iTunes and cdbaby!

10.Message to us, the listeners?

Thanks Baxter! Stay Awesome!




About the Layne Greene band:

Layne Greene was born and raised in rural Blue Mountain, Nova Scotia. Fascinated by sound from a young age, it came as no surprise when Layne began writing and recording music.

Backed by drummer Alex Lank and guitarist Bryan MacDonald, Layne entered the studio late in June 2014 to record his first album “Everywhere Around Here”, produced by Dale Murray and featuring appearances by Christina Martin and Fleur Mainville.

The album is an eclectic blend of folk and pop songs that have been lovingly crafted to encompass human emotions and small town locales.


Everywhere Around Here
April 4th, 2015

1. Better Ways
2. Iron Town
3. Look Out
4. Small Towns
5. Quiet Places
6. Strangers
7. Burdens
8. Mindset
9. All We Need This Time

Recorded & Mixed by Dale Murray
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering
Produced by Dale Murray

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