The Freedom to Be You…thanks Gretchen

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project


My reading list for November has turned up an unexpected gem.

Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is an account of the author’s journey towards finding more happiness in her life. Not that she was at all miserable with the status quo – loving husband, beautiful children, and the courage to make a mid-career transition towards writing – a profession thats she finds immensely fulfilling.

No, Gretchen simply set out to look for happiness in places where she wouldn’t have expected to find it. So begins a journey of self discover.

I’m only half way through, and have just finished the Chapter entitled ‘Play’ in which Gretchen resolves to take more time to smell the roses, to focus on having more fun in her daily life – doing silly things with her daughters, and starting collections.

The reason I wanted to blog this afternoon is to talk about one particular part of this chapter, in which Gretchen stands back, and takes a look at all the things she will never do. When I first started reading that, I was a tad overwhelmed by the word ‘never’. I like to think of myself – after several false starts – as an eternal optimist, and I truly believe that anything is possible.

And as I read on, I realised that Gretchen had hit upon some wisdom that was truly startling. And oh so simple. By striking the things that we don’t truly enjoy, and never probably will enjoy, off our to do lists, it frees us up to be who we actually are.

I was inspired, and instead of coming up with those lists of what i wanted to achieve, i began to make a list of things that i never will do because I don’t enjoy that particular thing. I was filled with happiness – I finally felt free to acknowledge my inner self in this respect without fear of judgement, or feeling less intelligent, worthy, creative by doing so.

My list will grow as I become accustomed to this way of thinking, but so far here it is

1) Even though I live in the country, I don’t particularly enjoy country walks. I love pubs, so i’ll wait there while you romp in the heather.
2) I have never, and will never enjoy jazz.
3) I’ve really tried with yoga. I really have. But I’m done. Never mind that it is meant to sooth the soul. It just makes me feel nauseous.
4) I don’t ‘get’ the 80s. It was hideous the first time round so I’m not particularly interested in reliving it. I will never attend an 80s themed party.

There i’ve made a start, and I already feel better for getting that out.

Now, i want to hear from you – send me your lists and i’ll blog those I love

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