Being involved with the artistry of Peter Chains

Peter Chains: EP cover artwork
Ashley Fay Photography
Art : Baxter Labatos

A music blogger’s confession about finding another light after one got switched off.

Today I am posting something that isn’t about music review. But it is still something to do with music. As a kid I used to marvel at how wonderful it must be to be a musician while I gaze at the album covers watching several poses and artworks of the artists in the album.

When you are a kid and powerless, music is like a doorway to a world of possibilities. A different kind of world where people are happier and they love what they do. Fast forward years later, I found myself not only reviewing music but also being involved in creative process of album making.

I don’t consider myself a music critic. Rather, I just want to point out what sounds really interesting. It is just a matter of taste and personal experience that dictate how we listen or look at things. Early this year, I got kicked out of a relationship that I nurtured for almost two years. It can be a draining and toxic  experience no matter how you try to keep everything together.  But as the saying goes, when a door closes on you, a window opens.

I got invited to be involved in the creative process of a friend’s EP. His name is Peter Chains. He is Irish and is now talking his time getting in touch with his musical side. Family life took two years of his concentration away. His decision to move to Canada is  really paying off. He considered my ‘picture tweaking’ in his EP artwork.  I was deeply touched because no artist has ever invited me before, to be part of his or her creative process. So it is nice to be involved especially now that I need something to distract me. I run two blogs but there are times when that emotional feeling hits you like a train and you wish you could do so many things in order to exorcise the madness inside.

Life is getting better. I am glad that my love for music is taking me to places I have never imagined.  And as for Peter Chains? I believe in his music and vocal abilities. I think he has something extra special. Something like that deserves to be noticed.

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About Peter Chains:
Peter Chains is a Singer/Songwriter born and raised in the Rep. of Ireland, currently residing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Although mostly involved in the Metal scene, in the early 2000’s Chains broke away from Metal to start a Solo Acoustic act, based soley on the different situations and problems involving his life.
Because of this, Chains’ music takes on a Morbid/Dark edge, with heavy influences from the Metal Genres, it gives his music a Unique sound, not acoustumed with other Acoustic Acts.

Peter Chains mainly focused on his Metal bands through the 2000’s, but over the last couple of years has become his Main Act, and will hope to really push it, and break through the North American Markets in the year 2013.

Currently working on New Songs, that will truly shape his sound, with the aim of releasing a Full length Debut Album in the Summer of 2013.



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With music we build bridges!
  • “Life is getting better. I am glad that my love for music is taking me to places I have never imagined.” -- super glad to read that!!

    And what you said about doors…I couldn’t agree more. The time you spent between those doors and how you handle things is one of the most important things in life 🙂

    Peter has an awesome deep voice. Didn’t expect that when I saw the picture haha.

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    • Thank you TJ. I learned that the best way to get even with pain and misery is not to shrink away. Giving your attention, support and time to something that makes you feel alive can be a rewarding experience. Even with all the tsunami experience that life handed me, I never stopped blogging about music. So may things stopped during the ‘blackout’ period. But never that one. I think that’s what pulled me out of the pit. Like a Minotaur’s thread into the labyrinth.

      Peter had so many plans before leaving Ireland. Including a book he has been developing. But these things are put on hold for a while. One day they will see the light of day.

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  • Baxter: After reading this I realized you love music as much as I love movies, and you use your passion to help you get through the daily crap we all deal with. I adore music as well, can’t go an hour without it. Thanks for sharing this and join EP. 🙂

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    • I am glad for your response Katy. Yes, give me tunes and my world will light bright enough that I start writing something about them. Music(and movies) never leave you. You can always fast forward, rewind and play them again. Choosing that favorite part or scene. Getting washed in magic all over again. It’s the stuff of life. 😀

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  • hsj

    Well done Baxter! I look forward to more of your writing. Cheers~Hunter

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  • Thank you Hunter. I also watch out for your every post. 😀

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