Yes All Lives Matter(And Worth Fighting For)


This is not going to end with a happy note….

What is this thing inside us that drives compassion? Why do we feel bad when we see other people or animals being harmed? Why do I feel guilty eating animals? What is this fire that rages at the sight of pain?

A few days ago I got entangled into the issue of pilot whales getting slaughtered in the Faroe islands during their annual grindadráp. I know I should have protected my eyes from what is going on out there but I think no one is spared in social media. These things (depending on your interests or affiliation seem to creep up every now and then). So there I was watching pictures of pilot whales getting slaughtered by blood thirsty barbarians of the north,  in this modern age of 2015. I see children running with whale foetuses with smiles in their faces.The sight of these self-aware beautiful creatures being massacred was painful to see-if you are human. Who taught these little kids to be that way? I believe children are born amoral. It’s what they see that shapes them turning them, from docile sweet creatures into killing machines. Children can be evil.

Captain Paul Watson of The Seas Shepherd.

Captain Paul Watson of The Seas Shepherd.

That sight stirred strong feelings inside. I started weeping with anger. I monitored all the posts of Captain Paul Watson of The Sea Shepherd. Suddenly, he is the light in the midst of this darkness. He became the voice of reason and compassion as he did his best to protect the whales from being killed. And I feel for him. To be out there, with his crew, fighting for something in which the world fail to highlight. I don’t think that seeing videos like these ( the same as seeing videos of people being beheaded by ISIS) will leave you unchanged. Compassion and kindness are inherent in all of us. We react because it’s within us to feel empathy. But then again there is this other side of humanity.

Seeing the influential Danish politicians dismiss the whole thing makes me loose faith in humanity. So, we can just turn the switch off once we become part of the system eh? It’s like they don’t care at the amount of blood being shed out there as long as they drive their expensive cars, wear their expensive clothes and put food in  the mouths of their  kids. Kids who will someday be like them-or hopefully not.

I am angry at the fact that people don’t seem to care when you start making a stand. All they care about are pictures of beautiful babies, beautiful selfies and vacation pictures. It seems that it turns them off when you start talking about climate change,war or LGBT rights. Like how can you even go to bed at night while your brothers and sisters are persecuted? Facebook or other social media expose the kind of hypocrisy that is inherent to us. We don’t want to acknowledge dirt or stink because they are unattractive. But what if they are in your backyard?

The last time I checked, seven of his crew members got charged for obstructing the barbaric activity. Is it so hard to move to the 21st century? Is it so hard to stand up to tradition and say that it is evil? If they all say that it is about tradition, don’t you think that kind of statement also promote racism and violence towards minority because it’s ‘traditional’ to bash gay people, exploit women and kill in the name of religion.

The barbarism of the people of Faroe. Those whales suffered terrible because they are huge and they are sentient beings. Much more than these human killers.

Grindadráp:The barbarism of the people of Faroe. Those whales suffered terrible because they are huge and they are sentient beings. Much more than these human killers.

I’ve never felt so angry in my life before this moment. But I am grateful for this feeling. It’s something that drives me. That makes me want to do something. I realise my life is nothing if those around me are suffering. I can’t live not having a cause worth fighting for. The world will only get better when people who, like Captain Paul Watson, continue to fight for something. And I am so fucking tired of my comfort zone.


Around 800 long-finned pilot whales and some Atlantic white-sided dolphins are killed annually, mainly during the summer.

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  • Larry Conley

    Thank you, Baxter, for bringing this atrocity to the attention of people who should care and take action. I am sharing this article.

    Whales, dolphins, and porpoises are among the other Earthlings most deserving of respect and protection. In my view, this planet belongs to and is home for all Earthlings, not merely we Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Now we must show that humankind can function as neurons, instead of tumors, on this planet.

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