WILD FIRE #SummerMustReads & Surprise Reveal

Are you looking for a beach read? Something paranormal? Heavier on the romantic than the erotic? Then, I have just the book for you. You will want to read WILD FIRE by PM Briede. This is one of those #SummerMustReads that you will place on your Kindle and never wish to erase. Yeah, it’s that good. The characters are fascinating and all is never as it seems. Is it real or just a dream? You will have to read the book to find out for yourself. Without further ado, let’s learn more about WILD FIRE and author PM Briede.

Wild Fire

 I know their secrets. 

Most people would end their relationships with these men. These men who betrayed my trust, and in some cases, my heart. Unfortunately for me, I’m not most people. Hell, there are times when I wonder where and when my common sense abandoned me. 

Then there’s the war. The war you don’t know about. The war I shouldn’t know about. But I’m centered in it because I’m a pawn of higher beings, angels. Well, ex-angels. Exiles, to be exact. 

The only way to stop this exile rebellion is to track down its instigator, prove it’s not someone I love. Only problem is that exiles can hide their face from the world if they choose, and most do. Then there’s that pesky fire, the ignes iudicii, which doesn’t just kill you, but burns you out of existence, out of history, altogether. 

All I have to aid me in my quest are these men, until one of them betrays me. So here I stand, Charlotte Grace, essentially alone.


I was a few steps from the door when a fiery burn shot through my body.  What the hell?!  This wasn’t the heated tingling I’d experienced during my healing treatments with Olivier.  No this was more like when I caught fire at Mardi Gras.  Terror gripped me and I choked on the cry for help that was trying to escape my lips.  Where was Olivier when I needed him?!  He’d know what to do.  My eyes had closed as my body had contracted in against itself.  Every muscle was taut.  Every bone felt as if on the breaking point of snapping.  Every organ felt crushed by a two ton weight.  I forced my eyes open, expecting to see the green flames of the ignes iudicii engulfing my skin.  Instead I was met with the sight of my skin glowing … BLUE?!

I was so shocked that I stumbled and fell backwards, out of the invisible flames.  I gasped hungrily for breath.  Normalcy was akin to being thrown in a lake frozen over in the dead of winter.  That was how stark the contrast was to me.  My head throbbed behind my eyes as blue flames swirled through the hallway, filling my vision.

It was then that the voices penetrated my mind.  Something has to be done, and now!  Olivier’s voice bellowed in my head.

Save your yelling for someone it scares, Olivier.  You don’t intimidate me.  You know why we must continue with the plan we have set.  The color of the flames weren’t the only difference of this fire dream.  The disembodied voice responding to Olivier wasn’t female this time.  It wasn’t that of Olivier’s commanding officer.  No, it was male and remarkably calm.  Trust is what’s required.  We aren’t ready to make our move just yet.

Olivier responded dejectedly.  This is going to kill her.  It already is, just slowly.

That may be the price, his companion coolly responded.  You know there always is one.  Someone has to pay it.

Then let me pay it.  Olivier begged in an echoing whisper.

You very well might, his companion conceded.  The decision isn’t mine to make and it’s not the time to make it anyway.  You know that.

I was used to burning from the furious green fire that was spurred by the shared hatred between Olivier and his commander.  Since learning the dreams had been real, had been shadow images of Olivier’s actual conversations, I’d always assumed their intensity was fed with rage.  But hearing Olivier and this unknown man calmly, if sadly, discussing their plans, I learned rage didn’t fuel these fires.

I was on the edge of losing consciousness.  I couldn’t let that happen.  I didn’t need to be found in the hallway, passed out, by my students or staff.  It was clear now that Olivier had no idea I was battling the invisible, fiery assailant on the other side of the wall.  He was still entrenched in his conversation, though I’d quit paying attention to the words they were saying.  The only escape I had was to retreat away from the music room.

I clawed at the walls and used my arms to drag myself across the floor away from the music room.  Tears burned my eyes as I fought tooth and nail for every inch I gained on distancing myself from Olivier and whomever he was speaking with.  The minute I reached the end of the hallway every awful feeling I’d had inside evaporated.  The fiery burn; the crushing weight; the voices, it all disappeared.

I blinked and peered warily down the hall.  Do I risk going back down?  I stretched out my arm in front of me.  I hadn’t even straightened it all the way when my hand became immersed in an internal fire which colored it blue.  My eyes grew wide as I drew my arm back and my healthy peachy color slid from my wrist to my fingertips as if I was removing my hand from a blue tinged hot spring.  Well, there was my answer.  There was no way I was entering the hallway now.

I was about to make my way back to my office when the bell rang dismissing classes.  Olivier and his companion exited the music room at the same time as a tidal wave of students spilled from their classrooms.  His companion was just a couple inches shorter than Olivier with jet black, straight hair.  His frame matched Olivier’s as did his coloring.  They could almost be brothers, except for the hair.  And the eyes, which I noticed when Olivier curiously glanced over his shoulder and down the hallway in my direction.  The man noticed and leaned to the side to follow Olivier’s gaze.  What did I see when their gaze landed on me?  A pair of flaming blue eyes glowing in the stranger’s face which mirrored Olivier’s green ones.

Olivier took a step towards me but I didn’t wait for him to push through the swarm of students.  I spun on my heel and raced to the safety of my office.  Once on the other side of my locked door I recommitted myself to quitting.  Green eyed exiles?  Blue eyed exiles?  Fire which tore you from the fabric of existence? Shape-shifting demons from hell?  An irresistible fiancé stealing temptress?  It was all too much.  I just wasn’t cut out for this kind of reality.



PM Briede is allowing me to share with you the cover of her upcoming release, ASHES.

Ashes is the final book in the Charlotte Grace Series – Smoldering Embers. Wild Fire. Ashes.

Ashes cover debut PM Briede



I am a lover of all things artistic. I grew up surrounded by the performing arts both as a spectator and performer. That love of creation and design is the fuel for my writing now. Being able to create and entertain is a dream come true.

The imagination is a powerful thing, able to take you places you never dreamed. I write realistic fantasy. The idea of the possible having impossible explanations fascinates me. That idea is the driving force behind the Charlotte Grace series.

If you are interested in receiving updates when I release new books, please visit me on FacebookAmazon and on Goodreads



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