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We Lost Someone We Love This Week

…I never wanted to write these words down for you
With the pages of phrases of all the things we’ll never do…

– ‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’
Temple of the Dog

Here was grief
All along
Latent beneath the unturned pages of
A story that concluded too quickly
When none of us knew the ending

I thought I was sad for the
Love, and for all the love that was
Left unexperienced
Or for the things I loved in
Others who have died

I thought I was sad for the
Despair that cuts the
Threads too short

I thought I was sad for the
Nevers that fill all the
Time that you and
Other dead boys of my life do not

I thought I was sad for the
Hopeless romanticism that
I could’ve saved your life
But I’ve given up God, and now
Those rescue fantasies succumb to the
Inevitable threads that knotted up in
That one night

I was surprised
By the weight of the tears
That I thought before I’d loaded down with
The intensity and longevity of the
Fibers that formed the cords of my

That now are only full of the
Weight of your absence
The coils of time that stretch back
To the last time that we saw you and
The last time that we could have
But didn’t

They are full of the space of
All our time with you
The balance of depths you maybe
Unknowingly lifted us from

They are pulled by the force of
All we still hoped yet to
Share with you for
Decades down the road

for DBW

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