Unknown Shores

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We don’t need to go down every cliff.

There are some cliffs too steep to scale.

I’ve been down some of those sad slopes,

With and without the necessary ropes.

It doesn’t matter what we think we know.

We are not in seminary school for popes.

Nor do we need to catch every drift.

There are some currents not worth the sail.

But when we feel that certain breeze,

That gentle sweep across face and feet,

That call forward to unknown shores,

We must find courage to further explore.

It doesn’t matter what we think we know.

When it comes to love there’s always hope.


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About the Author:

Dean Walker is a freelance writer of articles, essays, short-stories, and poems. In one way or another, he has worked as an environmental and human rights activist. Dean is the publisher of Expats Post.
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