Two Families



This is written to celebrate family feeling at the time of the Spring Festival. Family ties extend beyond blood relations to all who have touched our hearts and found a home there. This poem commemorates the endurance of bonds formed by loving actions over an extended period.



Most of us belong to two families.
One we are born into, and the other we make,
By the paths that we follow and the chances we take.
Each family can sustain us or drain us,
but no one in either should we ever forsake.

We do not know the future.
We know precious little of which we can be sure,
About one thing we can be certain – love ties endure.
So although we’re apart and have been for some time,
Though you’ve been out of sight, you’ve not been out of mind.

Time moves along, and we must move on as well.
Changes and choices are the essences of life.
Often things unfold smoothly, but sometimes there’s strife.
No matter the tumult, tenor or tone,
Rest assured you’ll always have a place to come home.

It is truthfully said, “Where there is life, there is hope.”
As we go onward and upward know this without doubt,
It is never over until time has completely run out.
You came into our lives and into our hearts.
Until the end of the ending, there’s a chance of new starts!


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